Spidey spanks Gwen and Mary Jane

posted by the Web-Ed on 08/12/2009

The fifth entry in our Spider-Spanking series features Spidey warming the seats of his two most significant girlfriends, Gwen and Mary Jane. Best of all, he's using a Spider-Paddle that definitely leaves an impression! We're glad that even though Spidey doesn't generally carry around as much equipment as, say, Batman does in his utility belt, on this occasion he came prepared with just the right implement for the job.

Younger readers may not recognize Gwen Stacy, even if they're Spider-Man fans, and especially if they know the characters only from the movies. Apart from her role in the movie versions, Mary Jane has been a part of Spidey's cast of characters since 1964, but Gwen first appeared even before MJ did (we think the issues were Amazing Spider-Man #31 and #42 respectively - this is somewhat debatable because MJ's face was not shown in some of her early appearances, but never mind). The various romantic sub-plots were too complicated to detail here, but there was a long and important period in the strip's run when Spidey (as Peter) stopped dating MJ and took up with Gwen. Since the unknown artist of this fine piece apparently remembers all this, he must either be a big enough fan of the strip to have researched all the early history, or be nearly as old as we are!

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