supergirl spanks unknown girl

Supergirl © DC Comics Inc.

Here we have Supergirl spanking a costumed villainess (?) that we don't recognize. Artwork by Metric Pete , who does B & D artwork and who we believe resides in Bedfordshire, England. This is the only superhero work of his we have seen. We're not sure why he calls himself "Metric Pete", unless he's an advocate of the metric system. Well, Pete, we might be persuaded to give up our yards, pounds, and gallons, if you could find it in your heart to draw Supergirl getting swats with a paddle measuring, say, 43.1 cm. long by 8.9 cm. wide by .95 cm. thick! (Later explanatory note: these are the metric measurements corresponding to our favorite dimensions for a wooden paddle of 17" long by 3.5" wide by 3/8" thick, and represent a feeble attempt on our part to wring some humor out of the metric system).
05/02/2008 update: we have heard from Metric Pete himself, who explained some things to us:

- He adopted the "Metric" moniker for the simple reason that he prefers to give strokes in multiples of ten rather than the traditional (in England) six. Makes sense to us - not only is base 10 more familiar than base 6 from the mathematical point of view, we can spank more that way! Why let a bad girl off with 60 swats when you can give her 100 instead?

- He created the costumed female being spanked by Supergirl out of his imagination, so we don't feel so badly about not recognizing her. This is the only superhero work he has ever done, up to this point.

- Best of all, Pete has decided to bring one of our fondest wishes into being and draw Supergirl getting paddled!! We suggested several possible characters who might plausibly wield the paddle (Pete is most comfortable with F/F), and can't wait to see it! Look for it here, and be sure to check out Pete's other work on his own website.

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