lara croft tombraider gets spanked

For some reason, the image of the really tough chick has become popular in Hollywood the past few years. Why characters this crude, violent, unfeminine, ridiculously buffed, and apparently so overdosed on steroids you'd think they were male if not for the big boobs are put forth as some kind of ideal is beyond us. Our ideal of womanhood is not someone whose approach to a problem makes Jean-Claude Van Damme's appear philosophical by comparison, and who, quite unrealistically, can emerge unscathed from a brawl with five men twice her size. Given Hollywood's stupidity, moral cowardice, and political correctness, it's quite possible they have simply accepted (uncritically, of course) feminism's view that women are exactly the same as men except for the sex organs. On the altar of feminism are thus to be sacrificed truth, believability, and art. Of course, in Hollywood those things went out the window a long time ago. But nature is not so easily reordered according to the dictates of feminism.

That's why we find this drawing so refreshing, although we have no idea who the elf-guy is supposed to be (we've never seen Tombraider or played the video game). Lara Croft finds out that she's not as tough as a man, whatever Gloria Steinem might think, and that arrogant, rude brats who try to be men can and will be spanked by the real thing until their attitude softens and other people can stand to be around them again. Her expression shows she has finally learned that a man can indeed tame her. Thank you so much, unknown artist, for helping to dispel, if only a little, the foul stench of Hollywood's rotten ideals!

picture of tombraider spanked

[Note: an anonymous reader let us know that the spanker is Corvus from the videogame Heretic. We've never heard of either one, but a tip of the cap to this reader for identifying Corvus, who shall foreverafter be known as a public benefactor for paddling Lara's insolent posterior!]

Here is an animated version that allows us to savor every well-deserved whack! The animator, like the original artist, is unknown but could be UASketcher.

Note: this page was revised and updated with the animation on 10/21/2011.

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