bouncing boy paddles all three of triplicate girl's bodies

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Art by El Manto Negro. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/10/2010

Long have we wanted to see one of the superheroines of the Legion of Super-Heroes get paddled! Here we see the modern, or post-retcon (hate the term) version of Bouncing Boy paddling his girlfriend Triplicate Girl. Before explaining who these characters are, let us pause to savor the delicious composition of the artist, El Manto Negro (E.M.N.). Now, Triplicate Girl's power is the ability to split herself into three separate bodies, which E.M.N exploits by creating two separate spanking progressions. While Bouncing Boy stands ready with a paddle in his hand, TG #1 is slightly bent over with her skirt down; TG #2 is bent over further with her skirt raised but panties still in place; and finally, TG #3 is bending over furthest of all, with skirt up and panties down! We don't know what more you could ask for in a Legion of Super-Heroes (LSH) pre-spanking drawing.

O.K., so who are these people? The LSH dates back all the way to April 1958, when they debuted in a Superboy story from Adventure Comics #247. They were an organization of 30th century teen-age super-heroes who banded together to fight evil. Appearing sporadically over the next few years, they eventually became the regular back-up feature, and finally kicked Superboy out of the book completely (as a solo feature, that is - he was an LSH member himself by then even though he lived in another century). As it happens, Superboy also starred in his own title, Superboy, as well as in Adventure during these years since he was popular enough to anchor two books, until years later when the LSH (having since left Adventure) kicked him out of that one also! We always thought that was rather ungrateful, given how dependent the Legion was on him, but then we had a much lower estimation of the LSH's potential than most fans of the period. But that is another subject. Let's take a look at the silver-age versions of Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl.

Bouncing Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes

The silver age Bouncing Boy. Art by Curt Swan and George Klein.

triplicate girl from the Legion of Super-Heroes

Triplicate Girl, from the same issue. © DC Comics Inc.

We'd like to have a whole series of LSH spankings - in fact there was a lively discussion of this subject on the Bulletin Board - but this is the only one involving any of the girls of the LSH we have ever seen. We do have some LSH-related ideas on our commission list, and we hope to bring you some of these in the future.

Finally, a few words about El Manto Negro (The Black Cloak). He is a relatively young spanking artist whose work has appeared in a variety of places. We wanted to commission some pieces from him, but we found out he doesn't accept commissions, preferring instead to draw only what he wishes. We admire his principled independence, even though it means less income for him and fewer commissions for the spanking world.

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