Wonder Woman spanks Wonder Girl Even if you're not into F/F spanking, you've got to love this one! Here, Wonder Woman gives a very sound spanking to her half-sister (we think we've got that right) Donna Troy, alias Wonder Girl. What's a big sister for, if not to apply some loving discipline when needed? It gets better - if we remember rightly, Donna was created from a fraction of Diana's (WW's) soul, so in a way, Diana is really spanking herself! Yep, if you like spanking and super-hero characters, there's Wonder Woman and then there's all the rest.
And if you like spanking and super-hero characters (and who doesn't?), you've got to like the work of [redacted] , who we recently learned is the creator of this lovely piece. The characteristically detailed pencilling is evidenced in the hair, but notice also the grasp of anatomy, the positioning and expression of the characters, and especially the beautiful air of resignation with which Donna accepts her spanking, as conveyed by the relaxation of the arms and the absence of any tension in the legs. There are several first-rate artists who produce spanking material, most notably Paula Meadows and Brian Tarsis, but for super-hero spanking, we think [redacted] is at the top of the heap.
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