Wonder Woman spanked by Superman!

For the third in our current series of three Wonder Woman spankings, we are happy to present this work by Ben Dunn. Before going further, we should make it clear that the artist's name is not a pseudonymous pun on the phrase "Bend down." Dunn is in fact an established artist of more than twenty-five years' standing who does mostly straight superhero stuff. We don't know who commissioned this work (it wasn't us because we had run out of funds just as we discovered that Dunn was still accepting commissions), but whoever it was has our gratitude since this is a very satisfying depiction of a strict-looking Superman firmly disciplining a thoroughly subdued Wonder Woman.

When you think about it, Superman is the ideal spanker of super-powered women like WW and Supergirl because he may be the only male more powerful than they are. For any normal guy trying to spank these women, the old cliche "This is going to hurt me more than it will you" would be all too true!

A couple of interesting points to note: WW's wrists are bound (probably with her own magic lasso) just as they often were in the old Charles Moulton comics (a nice homage), and Dunn has chosen to draw her uniform with its original eagle emblem instead of the later "WW" (see the drawing by George Perez below) that DC replaced it with for trademark purposes. Spanking aside, Dunn has drawn these two very well-known characters in an unusal and interesting way.

© DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 07/04/2009

Wonder Woman showing new insignia
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