wonder woman spanks deadshot

As it is F/M, this one isn't exactly our cup of tea, but since Wonder Woman was always comfortable either giving or receiving we decided to present it as an authentic expression of her personality. We didn't have time to research Deadshot, the guy experiencing "submission to loving female authority" as WW's creator Charles Moulton would have put it, but we remember him as a minor Batman villain from way, way back. We think he may have made one or two appearances in the 40's, and we recall him returning briefly in the 70's, but we don't remember him in WW's book. Of course, there were a lot of issues of Wonder Woman we passed up because we thought it was boring - after the Moulton era, there weren't any more spankings - so maybe Deadshot crossed over when we weren't looking. After this experience, he may wish he had stuck with Batman!

The history of this piece is interesting: it was commissioned by one artist from another. Jenna, a/k/a spankingfemmefatale, asked her fellow artist Yatz to do this one for her. She also writes fan fiction, and you can find out more about her here. Yatz hasn't done much spanking art as far as we know, but he has done some superhero stuff. He generally favors the bodybuilder-type physique. Jenna, for her part, has done quite a few spanking drawings featuring all orientations. You can find some of both her and Yatz's artwork at deviantART.

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Art by Yatz. Wonder Woman and Deadshot are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 02/05/2010

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