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DC Versus Marvel: Wonder Woman Spanks The Invisible Girl

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wonder woman spanks invisible girl

Artwork by Osias. Invisible Girl is © Marvel Comics Inc. and Wonder Woman is © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/02/2011.

The rivalry continues with this unusual pairing of Wonder Woman and the Invisible Girl. WW is no stranger to the corporal arts, of course, but Sue Storm escaped spanking on at least two occasions in Fantastic Four, and there has been relatively little spanking-themed "fan art" involving her (much too little, from our perspective).

We don't know much about the artist, Osias, but we can say that he paints nicely-proportioned figures and he has done other superhero-themed work involving nudity. (Dr. Cylon once did two variations on one of his paintings.) The hands-and-knees position is unusual but workable, as we have remarked elsewhere, although Sue's hands should be more forward so that her thighs are vertical, and WW should be using a paddle. It makes sense for Sue to have all her clothing below her waist removed, but we're not sure why WW's costume, except for her boots, is absent. We're not complaining, mind you, it just seems a trifle odd. Very probably something other than just spanking is going on here.

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