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Campus Loves #5

spanking from campus loves #5

From Campus Loves #5 (August 1950). © Quality Comics Group. Enhanced by Spiritworks Studio. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/11/2010.

Let's continue our survey of "The Seven Spankings" (comic-book spankings which were known to a small group of us back in the 70's) with the second of them, Campus Loves #5 (August 1950). The artwork is conventional but well-done, and there are a couple of good things about this story, entitled "I Paid The Price" (which may or may not be intended to refer to the spanking).

First, the spanker (Burt Taylor), who appears to be a math professor, tells the spoiled spankee (Connie Desmond), "This job should have been done while you were still wearing pigtails, Miss Desmond! But it's never too late!" Just so - spoiled brats of all ages deserve a good spanking! Second, the spanking is depicted both on the splash page and later during the course of the story. "She Paid The Price" all right - twice!

interior spanking from Campus Loves #5

The interior spanking, as enhanced by Spiritworks Studio.

Here is the spanking from the interior. Again, the familiar "brat's comeuppance" type spanking is handled pretty well. Interestingly, Taylor suggests not only that she should have been spanked when she was young, but that it should have been done weekly! We couldn't agree more, except for the past tense - we think it should still be done weekly!

It occurs to us that as a Math teacher, Taylor should know the difference between "adage" and "axiom", but we'll forgive this lapse since at least he does know what to do with spoiled brats!

cover of Campus Loves #5

Here is the issue's cover, which gives no hint as to the spanking inside. This was in the days before it was recognized that spanking sells copies, and is a further indication of how customary spankings were at that time. As it happens, this was the last issue of Campus Loves, so there were no further opportunities for spankings in later issues.

Because the spanking wasn't on the cover, when it was first suspected this was a spanking issue, the rumor went around that it contained a reprint of Frontier Romances #1. As we have seen, this wasn't true, but again it gives you some idea of how difficult the search for these spankings has been over the years. (For more about how this mistake was made, see the preceding entry).

modified spanking from campus loves #5

Modified spanking panel, artist unidentified but could be Hugob00m. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/07/2014.

03/07/2014 Update: We've been wanting to bring new scans of this classic scene to CSR readers ever since we first posted it almost four years ago, but unfortunately because of the book's rarity we haven't been able to do so. However, we did obtain a modified version, almost certainly from the now-defunct a couple of years back, which we present now. Some humorous dialogue has been added, the spankee's bottom bared and her expression altered to one of contentment. It's a good job, but the unknown artist didn't take credit for it. Funbun was an obvious possibility, as was Uasketcher, but now we think it's CSR Resident Artist Hugob00m, who remembers working on it with Paintshop some years ago.

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