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hawkgirl spanks wonder woman

This new gallery has been opened to prevent Comics Gallery 1 from getting overcrowded. Almost all the actual spankings from comic books and strips we have will be found in this gallery, with most of the independently produced original spanking art featuring comic characters being assigned to Comics Gallery 1.

Given the size of this gallery (over 250 spankings as of May 2012), if you're looking for a particular spanking that came from an actual comic book or strip, it might be faster to go to the Comic Spanking Data Base search page. After entering your search criteria (e.g. "Batman"), the result table will indicate whether the spanking can be found in this website and if so, will provide a direct link. Note that all comic book/strip spankings in this gallery are also in the Data Base. On the other hand, if you're trying to find independently produced work, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way, by searching the thumbnails of Comics Gallery 1 or by using the Google search capability on the Home Page, because those items are not in the Data Base. -- Web-Ed

wonder woman spanked by girl

spanking on back cover of mr. monster's triple threat 3-D

We had some lame ideas for the layout of this new gallery page, but nothing we could really be enthusiastic about. For Comics Page 1, we have the Merryman/Dumb Bunny commission from Congolike to function as its centerpiece, but with our current commission budget equal to the loose change in our pocket, obtaining a comparable work to display here seemed impossible. Then, as if sensing our distress from afar, Lyndal Ferguson came to the rescue and asked if we were familiar with this spanking he did for the back cover of Mr. Monster's Triple Threat 3-D. Amazingly, we had never seen it - so he generously offered not only his permission to reprint it here, but he actually sent us an autographed copy! We can't thank him enough, and we're proud to feature it as our centerpiece here.

The version at left is Lyndal's own scan; click on it to see the larger (autographed) version, together with more information on this comic and biographical notes about the artist.

© 1993 by Michael T. Gilbert.

[This gallery opened on 04/30/2010 and extensively rearranged in May 2012.]

blackhawk spanks a bad girl blackhawks olaf spanks a bad girl blonde phantom gets one swat with a paddle
Blackhawk #1 Blackhawk #2 Blonde Phantom Paddled!
italian comic goldrake spanking italian comic sbarre spanking italian comic fatti de sangue school caning
Goldrake Sbarre Scandalo
red hood gets a spanking chili bends over for a paddle spanking in millie the model a waf gets whacked on her butt mad magazine jaffee public spanking
Capucetto Rosso Millie the Model #27 WAF Spanking MAD Al Jaffee Public Spanking
patsy walker with pillow under her bottom patsy walker with pillow under her bottom hedy wolfe with pillow strapped to her behind hedy bends over for a paddling
Patsy Walker #34 Patsy Walker #41 Patsy Walker #42 Patsy Walker #62
cinderella paddles a girl extasis #4 cover spanking girl with pillow strapped to her bottom patsy walker with pillow under her bottom
Cinderella's Revenge Extasis #4 Patsy Walker #3 Patsy Walker #7
pinocchia craves the lash empowered spanks herself the alive doll otk spanking spanking in spinto comic
Pinocchia Empowered The Alive Doll Spinto Spanking
female wrestlers spanking in luchas #73 spanking on the cover of perversas no 137 spanking in unknown spanish language comic book spanking in unknown mexican comic
Luchas #73 Perversas #137 Professor Pincer Spanks His Fiancee Hay Bale Spanking
strange spanking of maidservant in french comic spanking on cover of el jinete del diablo #7 spanking in el payo #585 student spanking in a comic book
Strange Servant Spanking The Horseman of Death El Payo #585 Estudua (Student) Spanking
strict caning from french comic spanking from the western alamo kid in italian comic lancio spanking from the cover of an italian comic spanking in las chambeadoras #94
Stern French Caning The Alamo Kid Papa Spanks Las Chambeadoras
manga queen spanking manga spanking masked women spanking each other mass whipping from trolls of troy
Big Paddle! Himeko Spanking Dollie's Dilemma Trolls of Troy
big guy spanks big gal manga paddling manga spanking manga spanking
Big Spanking Manga Paddling More Manga Spanking Tetsujin Ganma
sheriff spanks bad girl spanking from a spanish language 
         comic book condorito spanks pretty patient bus driver spanks woman
Sheriff's Punishment Two Bad Girls Condorito Spanked by the Bus Driver
spanker paddles blonde phantom harley swats ivy buck ryan spanks bad girl jo-jo whips girl's butt
The Spanker Paddles Louise Mason Harley Swats Ivy Buck Ryan #1 Jo-Jo Butt Whipping
spanking from the black pirate spanking from dynamite dunn butt whacking drawn by will eisner 2000AD spanking
Black Pirate Spanking Joe Jinks/Dynamite Dunn Eisner Party Butt Whacking 2000AD
spanking in toonerville folks spanking in seein stars cuddles and dimples spanking cuddles and dimples spanking
Toonerville Folks Spankings 1 & 2 Seein' Stars (Dear Ruth) Cuddles and Dimples #1 Cuddles and Dimples #2
bill biff spanks a woman Bill Biff spanks Apple Mary man spanks wife in bela lanan ma spanks carrie
Apple Mary #2 Apple Mary #3 Bela Lanan Court Reporter Polly and Her Pals #4
temel kinky girl gets caned temel kinky girl gets paddled popeye spanks alice goon tillie the toiler spanking
TeMel Kinky Comic #1 TeMel Kinky Comic #2 Popeye Spanks Alice Goon Tillie the Toiler #2
jughaid spanks loweezy invisible scarlet o'neil spanks a girl spanking from mamie strip
Barney Google Snuffy Smith #2 Invisible Scarlet O'Neil #1 Mamie #1 Winnie Winkle #2
gaye gambol spanked behind closed door gaye gambol spanked gaye gambol spanked gaye gambol spanked
The Gambols #1 The Gambols #2 The Gambols #3 The Gambols #4
mary worth spanking #3 candy gets a swat from her dad spanking from beetle bailey jughaid spanks loweezy
Mary Worth #5 Candy #5 Beetle Bailey #1 Barney Google Snuffy Smith #1
spanking from the polly and her pals strip boots gets spanked in her comic strip spanking from lena pry spanking from jane arden/lena pry
Polly and Her Pals #3 Boots and Her Buddies #2 Lena Pry #5 Lena Pry #6
spanking from british strip jane for better or worse butt slap spanking from c. chamberlain strip spanking from captain easy comic strip
Jane #2 For Better or For Worse #1 Try Not to Swear Captain Easy #7
spanking from twin earths guy mans up and spanks his wife in belles and wedding bells radio patrol police spanking menage a three spanking
Twin Earths Belles and Wedding Bells Radio Patrol Menage a 3
moon mullins spanking moon mullins paddles emmy moon mullins 11-19-1930 spanking moon mullins 10-10-1945 spanking
Moon Mullins #1 Moon Mullins #2 Moon Mullins #3 Moon Mullins #4
story of martha wayne spanking mutt and jeff spanking smilin jack spanking #11 smilin jack spanking #12
Story of Martha Wayne Mutt & Jeff #1 Smilin' Jack #11 Smilin' Jack #12
ella cinders spanking 2 ella cinders spanking 3 ella cinders spanking 4 kerry drake spanking 2
Ella Cinders #2 Ella Cinders #3 Ella Cinders #4 Kerry Drake #2
dixie dugan paddled doctor bobbs spanking doctor bobbs spanking doctor bobbs spanking
Dixie Dugan #3 Dr. Bobbs #1 Dr. Bobbs #2 Dr. Bobbs #3
lena pry spanking lena pry spanking lena pry spanking lena pry spanking
Lena Pry #1 Lena Pry #2 Lena Pry #3 Lena Pry #4
lulu belle spanked in captain easy harold teen spanks girl adventures of patsy spanking #1 adventures of patsy spanking #2
Captain Easy #6 Harold Teen #2 Adventures of Patsy Spanking #1 Adventures of Patsy Spanking #2
popeye spanks olive oyl popeye spanks olive oyl daphne spanked in brenda starr merrie spanked in brenda starr
Popeye #6 Popeye #7 Brenda Starr #4 Brenda Starr #5
harold teen spanking princess spanked in katzenjammer kids cole oyl spanks olive cole oyl spanks olive
Harold Teen #1 Captain and the Kids #1 Popeye #4 Popeye #5
polly and her pals polly and her pals out our way the willets spanking cam spanked by her father in somebody's stenog
Polly and Her Pals #1 Polly and Her Pals #2 Out Our Way #1 Somebody's Stenog #2
etta kett spanked by her father etta kett spanked by her father scorchy smith spanks senator's daughter apartment 3g 1-swat spanking
Etta Kett #4 Etta Kett #5 Scorchy Smith #1 Apartment 3G #1
jeff cobb spanking.jpg etta kett gets spanked etta kett spanked by her father etta kett's father spanks her double
Jeff Cobb #1 Etta Kett #1 Etta Kett #2 Etta Kett #3
diana dane spanked by her father diana dane spanked by her father diana dane spanked by her father glamor girls birthday spanking
Diana Dane #1 Diana Dane #2 Diana Dane #3 Glamor Girls #1
glamor girls paternal spanking Lancelot spanks Lori Jackson twins spanking Reserved for the Jackson twins
Glamor Girls #2 Lancelot Spanking #1 Jackson Twins #1 Reserved for Jackson Twins
spanking from Heart Throbs #4 spanking from Western Life Romance #2 spanking from sweethearts #121 spanking from sweethearts #70
Heart Throbs #4 Western Life Romances #2 Sweethearts #121 Sweethearts #70
man whacks woman's butt in the spirit susie q. stands with her bottom smarting after being spanked slats spanks tony turkle oaky doaks spanking panel from 09/03/1943
Spirit Spanking #3 Susie Q. Smith Spankings Abbie an' Slats #5 Oaky Doaks Spanking Storyline
strange spanking custom from First Love #17 spanking from Young Romance #25 spanking from mclintock oaky doaks spanks mimi
First Love #17 Young Romance #25 McLintock! Oaky Doaks Spanks Mimi
archie whacks veronica's butt while trying to swat a mosquito suzie gets spanked by her dad veronica whacks betty on the butt veronica whacks betty with racquet
Archie Whacks Veronica's Behind Suzie Spanking #2 Veronica Whacks Betty #1 Veronica Whacks Betty #2
queen spanked by lt. lank in amazing mystery funnies #24 stenographer spanked fatima paddled by ace carter katy keene spanks gloria
Amazing Mystery Funnies #24 Somebody's Stenog Spanked Soldiers of Fortune #2 Katy Keene Spanks Gloria
lovers lane #29 spanking my secret life #26 spanking dream book of romance #5 spanking young romance #39 spanking panel
Lovers Lane #29 My Secret Life #26 Dream Book of Romance #5 Young Romance #39
calamity jane spanking my own romance #24 a man for amy spanking daring love #17 spanking modern love #3 spanking
Cowgirl Romances #1 My Own Romance #24 Daring Love #17 Modern Love #3
alfred about to spank catwoman lady death takes pariah otk megaton man spanks megaton girl impact of 50 shades of gray
Alfred Spanks Catwoman Lady Death Spanks Pariah Megaton Man Spanks Megaton Girl! The Impact of Good Literature
spanking from teen-age romances #3 for lovers only #70 spanking panel unknown secretary spanking panel plastic man spanking panel
Teen-Age Romances #3 Spanking For Lovers Only #70 Spanking Secretary Swats Plastic Man Spanks Bad Girl
WW ties up her sister Amazon Sister Amazons tie up WW WW gets spanked by young queen
Wonder Woman Bondage More WW Bondage Wonder Woman Spanked by Queen! Reserved for Wonder Woman
wonder woman gets paddled wonder woman comic book spanking holliday girls sorority paddling one amazon tries to spank another with tennis raquet
Wonder Woman Spanks and gets Spanked Wonder Woman Spanks Naha! Wonder Woman Sorority Paddlings Wonder Woman Amazon Spanking
etta candy paddles japanese spy right into jail wonder woman spanked when door smacks her butt etta candy faces the cheetah's lash etta candy faces the cheetah's lash
Etta Candy Paddles a Spy Wonder Woman Spanked by Door The Cheetah's Lash Superba Spanks Etta Candy
superman spanks princess tania superman spanks lil danvers superman spanks unknown brat spanking from superman sunday comic strip #112
Superman Spanks Princess Tania Superman Spanks Lil Danvers Superman Spanks Unknown Brat Superman Jack Spanks Nancy
evad spanks queen arda superman spanks lily field Superman robot spanks Lois Lane Lana Lang about to get the hairbrush
Superman Evad Spanks Queen Superman Spanks Lily Field Superman Spanks Lois Lane! Dad Spanks Lana Lang
genie spanks josie of the pussycats veronica cries wah! after getting spanked veronica spanked with tennis racquet Mum spanks Betty
Genie spanks Josie Veronica Catches It Veronica Spanked with Racquet Betty Spanked by Mother (in spirit)
daredevil slaps black widow on the butt spidey kicks black cat's butt ben grimm spanks sue storm hellcat gets the cane while fighting lunatik
Daredevil Spanks Black Widow Spidey Kicks Butt Ben Grimm Spanks Sue Storm! Hellcat Gets Caned!
Santo comic book spanking on cover FemForce #46 spanking spirit spanks ellen dolan The Spirit spanks again
El Santo Spanks Femforce Singapore Sal Spanked Spirit Spanks Ellen Dolan Spirit Spanks Diana The Huntress
danger girl spanking forest hand spanking yenny lopez bends over new nose spanking
Danger Girl's Butt in Danger Forest Hand Spanking Yenny Spanked by Her Iguana New Nose Spanking
day four spanking leister french comic spanking le loup et lagnelle french comic unknown whip stroke
Day Four Leister French Comic Le Loup Et Lagnelle Whip Stroke
tomorrow stories comic spanking The Paddler first issue The Paddler #2 cover captain aero #4 otk cover
Spankin' Good Tomorrow Stories The Paddler #1 The Paddler #2 Captain Aero #4
housewives at play #13 spanking cover spank #1 cover spanking on cover of stargrazers #6 interior spanking from stargrazers #6
Housewives At Play SPANK! Stargrazers Spanking Cover Stargrazers Spanking Inside
butch spanks hetty in big top memin pinguin comic book spanking spanking cover memin pinguin #1011 spanking from el payo #542
Big Top Spanking Memin Spanking #1 Memin Spanking #2 El Payo #542
Dennis The Menace spanking from boots and her buddies #7 just married #94 spanking crack comics spanking
Dennis The Menace (F/M) Boots & Her Buddies Just Married #94 Crack Comics Beezy Spanking
ben grimm the thing spanks moondragon batman spanks marcia monroe joker spanks catwoman bev switzler spanked
Thing Spanks Moondragon Batman Spanks Playgirl Joker Spanks Catwoman Beverly Switzler Spanked
prince valiant spanks his wife two men spank a woman in prince valiant Mr. Lodge spanks Veronica spanking from a western romance comic book
Prince Valiant Spanks Aleta Prince Valiant #2 Mr. Lodge Spanks Veronica Real West Romances #2
Charlton comics spanking - For Lovers Only career girl romances #45 - spanking issue teenage love #57 - spanking issue range romances #2 - spanking issue
For Lovers Only #73 Career Girl Spanked Teen-age Love #57 Range Romances #2
romantic marriage romantic marriage prehistoric pete paddling female clown paddled
Romantic Marriage #18 Teen-Age Romances #36 Prehistoric Pete Paddling Big Top Clown Paddling
Carrie Gets the Cane carrie caned again carrie paddle spank carrie spanked by fireman
Carrie #1 - Caned by the Headmaster Carrie #2 - Caned Again Carrie #3 - Paddle Line Carrie #4 - Four Alarm Spanking
carrie spanked as chamber maid carrie spanked with bell rope carrie canes two students carrie loses catfight gets caned
Carrie #5 - Chamber Maid Spanking Carrie #6 - Spanked by the Bell Carrie #7 - Teacher Caned 2 Carrie #8 - Catfight Caning
women outlaws #2 spanking panel crime and justice #1 spanking panel intimate confessions #7 spanking panel my secret romance spanking panel
Women Outlaws #2 Crime and Justice #1 Intimate Confessions #7 My Secret Spanking
mr. wolfe spanks his daughter hedy beezy spanks his sister betty kiki Kelly spanked I Was A Flirt
Hedy Spanked Again! Beezy Spanks Betty Kiki Kelly Spanked I Was A Flirt
little al spanks heiress boy spanks governess bargirl spanked by sailor the saint spanks a sinner
Little Al Spanks Heiress Suzie Gets Spanked Bob & Swab Spank Bargirl The Saint Spanks A Sinner
crimes by women spanking Popular Teen-Agers #10 Patsy Walker #5 More Fun Spanking
Crimes by Women Popular Teen-Agers #10 Patsy Walker #5 More Fun Spanking
Reserved for Conan Conan spanks again dougie doufis spanking stiletto spanking cropping
Reserved for Conan Conan Spanks Again Dougie Doufis Stiletto Cropping
debbi spanked as cave girl firebrand spanks female gang member rusty ryan spanks amazon queen kid eternity spanks silk and highness
Debbi Spanked as Cave Girl Firebrand Leaves a Fiery Brand Rusty Ryan Spanks Viper Kid Eternity Spanks
stuart taylor spanks amazon queen combat casey war comic spanking campus romances #2 spanking my desire intimate confessions spanking
Amazon Queen Spanked Combat Casey Campus Romances #2 My Desire
druuna spanked by her aunt Pilot spanks waitress in WWII war comic spanking from cowboy love spanking from two-gun kid
Druuna Spanked At Last Spitfire Spanked Cowboy Love #1 Two-Gun Kid
sgt boyle spanks general's daughter shield wizard spanking panel young romance spanking squirrel spanks girl!
Sgt. Boyle Spanking Puppet Spanks Puppet Young Romance #70 Squirrel Spanks Girrel
green hornet calamity jane spanking airboy spanking captain easy spanking kayo ward spanking
Calamity Jane Spanking Airboy Spanking Captain Easy #5 Kayo Ward Rupy Lavez
Judy of the Jungle spanking daredevil dickie dean spanking roy lance spanking kaanga jungle girl spanking
Judy of the Jungle Spanking A Spy Gets Spanked Roy Lance Jungle Spanking Jungle Girl Spanked At Last!
jungle comics #6 spanking panel Terry Thunder spanks Miss Carter hawk spanking in jumbo comics winnie the waitress spanking panel
Capt. Terry Thunder #1 Capt. Terry Thunder #2 Hawk Winnie the Waitress
spanking from french comic barbarella spanking from katarina comic italian f/f comic spanking firehair whips saloon girl
Barbarella Spanking Just Like Kiss Me Kate Italian F/F Firehair Fires Up
will bragg paddling scene candy spanked by her father candy spanked by her father candy spanked by ted
Candy Spanking #1 Candy Spanking #2 Candy Spanking #3 Candy Spanking #4
teen confessions #49 spanking panel just married #53 spanking panel just married #58 spanking panel captain marvel jr spanking panel
Teen Confessions #49 Wife Goads Husband into Spanking Her Another Flirt Spanked Capt. Marvel Jr. Genie Spanking
Alfred E. Neuman spanked mad office spanking mad clown fold-in spanking
MAD About Spanking (M/M) MAD Harassment Spanking MAD Clown Fold-In Reserved for MAD Supermarket Spanking
Infamous Spanking from FR #1 math professor spanks spoiled young woman Man spanking woman from romance comic Man spanking woman from romance comic
Frontier Romances #1 Campus Loves #5 Popular Teen-Agers #14 True Brides Experiences #16
little annie fanny's fanny spanked teacher spanks student in penthouse Wicked Wanda spanks her female troops Wicked Wanda spanks her pal CandyFloss
Little Annie Fanny Penthouse Student Spanked Wicked Wanda Spanks Her Troops Wicked Wanda Spanks Candyfloss
dixie dugan spanking #1 dixie dugan father/daughter spanking jane british strip spanking indian lass gets paddled
Dixie Dugan #1 Dixie Dugan #2 Jane Spanked Her Canoe Gets Paddled
texas slim spanking tillie the toiler spanking winnie winkle spanking worm spanking
Texas Slim Tillie the Toiler Winnie Winkle Worm
princess spanked by queen mother poteet caned by master poteet askes steve to spank her steve canyon prepares to spank poteet
Steve Canyon #1 Steve Canyon #2 Steve Canyon #3 Steve Canyon Spanking #4
steve roper spanks mickey mike nomad spanks swimsuit-clad woman susie q. gets spanked by her father sergeant spanks enlisted woman
Steve Roper #1 Steve Roper #2 Susie Q. Terry and the Pirates
smilin jack photo of jack spanking joy smilin jack's friend spanks bad girl smilin jack spanking on swimsuit
Smilin' Jack #1 - 3 Smilin' Jack #4 Smilin' Jack #5 Smilin' Jack #6
smilin jack yellow polka dot bikini smilin jack's son jolly spanks sully smilin jack spanks joy beaverduck lone jones spanks cindy
Smilin' Jack #7 Smilin' Jack #8 Smilin' Jack #9 Smilin' Jack #10
spice spanked by aunt in mr rumbles Judy spanked in oaky doaks roy rogers double spanking spanking from futuristic strip scarth
Mr. Rumbles Spanking Oaky Doaks O.K. with Us Roy Rogers Double Scarth Spanking in 2171
The Phantom Spanks a bad girl phantom takes queen pera over his knee phantom takes queen pera over his knee phantom takes queen pera over his knee
Phantom Spanks a Bad Girl Phantom Spanks Pera 1 Jorge Spanks Pera 1 Jorge Spanks Pera 2
phantom takes girl otk in restaurant phantom spanks girl explorer phantom spanking pera 2 phantom spanks pera painting by r. felmang
Phantom Spanks Girl Phantom Spanks Girl Explorer Phantom Spanks Pera 2 Phantom Spanks Pera 3
phantom spanking sky band phantom spanking marshall sisters popeye spanks olive oyl popeye spanks waitress
Phantom Spanks Sala & Margo Phantom Spanks Marshall Sisters Popeye Spanking #2 Popeye Spanking #3
mark trail spanking #1 mark trail spanking #2 mary worth spanking #1 mary worth spanking #2
Mark Trail Spanking #1 Mark Trail Spanking #2 Mary Worth Spanking #1 Mary Worth Spanking #2
mandrake the magician comic strip spanking white goddess spanked by grandfather holly wood johnny comic strip spanking lefty drake bootsie belmont
Mandrake Spanking #1 Mandrake Spanking #2 Hollywood Johnnie Kerry Drake #1
johnny hazard spanking panel spanky sal captain woodshed frontal shot tarzan spanks girl
Johnny Hazard Spoiled Playgirl Spanky Sal Captain Woodshed Me Tarzan, You Spankee
Dagwood spanks Cookie Bumstead lil abner spanks daisy mae daisy mae spanked 2 ella cinders whacked with broom
Dagwood spanks Cookie Li'l Abner Spanks Daisy Mae Daisy Mae Spanked 2 Ella Cinders #1
flash gordon spanking #1 good old days honor eden mammy spanks mimi in li'l abner
Flash Gordon Spanking Good Old Days? Honor Eden Mammy Spanks Mimi
captain easy spanking #1 captain easy spanking #2 captain easy spanking #3 captain easy spanking #4
Captain Easy #1 Captain Easy #2 Captain Easy #3 Captain Easy #4
brenda starr spanking brenda starr spanking #2 brenda starr spanking #3 rex morgan threatens a spanking
Brenda Starr #1 Brenda Starr #2 Brenda Starr #3 Rex Morgan Spanking Threat
big ben bolt spanking big ben bolt spanks Buz Sawyer spanks cobra buz sawyer spanks jungle girl
Big Ben Bolt #1 Big Ben Bolt Spanking #2 Buz Sawyer Spanks Cobra Buz Sawyer Spanks Jungle Girl
alley oop spanking apple mary strip spanking april spanked spanking from unknown comic strip
Alley Oop Apple Mary April Captain Triumph's Triumphant Spanking
spanking from abbie and slats another spanking from abbie and slats goldigger spanked in abbie and slats mr. forbush takes the belt to his daughter off-panel
Abbie An' Slats #1 Abbie An' Slats #2 Abbie An' Slats #3 Abbie An' Slats #4
capt marvel spanks wild woman capt marvel spanks aunt minerva
Capt Marvel Spanks Wildcat Capt Marvel Spanks Minerva

F/M and M/M Section

Jonathan Kent tries to spank Superboy clark kent spanks his super-brat supergirl spanks alien brats Lois Lane flogs Superman puppet
Attempted Superboy Spanking (M/M) Can't Spank a Super-Brat (M/M) Supergirl Can't Either (F/M) Lois Flogs a Superman Puppet (F/M)
captain marvel jr. spanks the nazis mary marvel spanks bad boy bettie page spanks two space aliens
Marvel Jr. Spanks the Nazis (M/M) Mary Marvel Spanks Bad Boy (F/M) Bettie Spanks Spacemen F/M Teen Comics #31
captain marvel spanks hiram mary marvel spanks stepfather marvel family spanks krugg captain marvel spanks prodigy
Capt Marvel Spanks Hiram (M/M) Mary Marvel Spanks Stepfather (F/M) Marvel Family Spanks Krugg (F/M) Capt Marvel Spanks Prodigy (M/M)
lois tries to spank super-son lois tries to spank super-tot lois tries to spank super-tots bizarro-lois tries to spank bizarro jr.
Lois Lane/Super-Tot #1 (F/M) Lois Lane/Super-Tot #2 (F/M) Lois Lane/Super-Tot #3 (F/MF) Lois Lane/Super-Tot #4 (F/M)
lois tries to spank son larry Lois and Lana try unsuccessfully to spank Super-Tot superman tries to spank his super-tots lana lang spanks super-tot
Lois Lane/Super-Tot #5 (F/M) Lois Lane/Super-Tot #6 & 7 (F/M) Superman Spanks Super-Tots (M/MF) Lana Lang Spanks Super-Tot (F/M)
martha kent tries to spank super-tot Black Canary spanks Rumpelstiltskin veronica whips reggie with a riding crop italian comics f/m fly-swatter spanking
Martha Kent/Super-Tot #1 (F/M) Black Canary/Rumpelstiltskin (F/M) Veronica Rides Reggie (F/M) Fly-Swatter Spanking (F/M)
teacher spanked by robot sivana jr. spanked by own robot weird robot with a whip Lois Lane spanks Supergirl robot
Teacher spanked by robot Sivana Jr spanked by robot Robot with a whip Lois spanks Supergirl (robot)
rockman spanks pixies punisher spanks street punks the creeper spanks a hoodlum batman spanks alien brats
Rockman to the Rescue! (M/M) The Punisher Punishes (M/M) The Creeper Spanks a Hoodlum (M/M) Batman & Robin Spank Alien Brats! (M/M)
captain future spanks bad guy green lantern tree spanking plastic man spanks dr. dratt jester paddles bad guy
Captain Future (M/M) A Tree Spanks in Brooklyn (M/M) Plastic Man Spanks (M/M) A Fool and His Paddle (M/M)
robin paddles two bad guys pirate ghost spanks his descendent captain marvel spanks a bear captain marvel spanks evil marvel
Robin Double-Paddling (M/M) Mary Marvel Ghost Spanking (M/M) Capt. Marvel Spanks on the Bear (M/M) Capt. Marvel Spanks Evil Marvel (M/M)
captain marvel spanks midgets captain marvel jr. spanks midgets captain marvel uses cactus paddle captain marvel spanks strip chars
Capt. Marvel Spanks Midgets (M/M) Capt. Marvel Jr. Does Likewise (M/M) Capt. Marvel's Cactus Paddle (M/M) Capt. Marvel Spanks Comics Characters (M/M)
spanked by sword! midget spanking red rube spanking capt. marvel spanks publisher
Sword of Black Hood (M/M) The Shield Midget Spanking (M/M) Red Rube, Red Butt (M/M) Capt. Marvel Bad Publisher (M/M)
wood paddling on cover spy smasher spanking panel spanker paddles a drug pusher spirit dolan spanks crook
The Guardian Gets a Confession (M/M) Spy Smasher Double-Paddling (M/M) The Spanker Paddles a Punk (M/M) Commissioner Dolan Spanks Crook (M/M)
mary whips will o wisp mary spanks two men for acting like boys googam gets spanked by nanny blondie paddles dagwood
Mary Marvel Whips Will (F/M) Mary Marvel Spanks Two Men (F/M) Nanny Spanks Googam (F/M) Blondie and Dagwood (F/M)

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