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Flash Gordon #1

Flash Gordon is another strip with a long history - in fact, the Sunday version is still running! No discussion of it would be complete without mentioning Alex Raymond, but let's postpone that for a moment while we examine this rather unusual spanking story (unusual in the sense that the spanker is physically handicapped).

We don't have any plot details, but it appears that a rocket ship with Flash, Jan Steel, and a girl named Starling has crashed, costing Steel one of his legs. Accused by the bratty Starling of having lost his nerve, Steel shows he still has enough courage and determination to take her over his knee even though he has to limp around using a metal strut for a leg. "You're just a brainless brat who should have had a helping hand growing up. Well, you're getting it -- now!"

spanking from flash gordon

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This is a very good example of the "brat's comeuppance" spanking, although we can easily imagine that Starling has a lot more appreciation of Steel's manliness now that he's spanked her, and she may well be attracted to him.

The numbers are very hard to read, but we believe these two episodes of the daily strip first appeared in August 1955 and that the artist is Dan Barry. We see again that spanking a woman who is seriously out of line was acceptable by the standards of that day - long live the 50's!

alex raymond's flash gordon

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Here is a sample of Alex Raymond's work on the strip. In its sweep and illustrative quality, it reminds us of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant. You can see why it attracted so much attention at the time, and why Raymond became one of the most influential artists in comics history.

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