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Polly and Her Pals Spanking #2

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Last time we saw Sam spank his sister-in-law Carrie in the comic strip Polly and Her Pals. Carrie is once again the spankee in this second of two spankings discovered by Sweetspot. The other characters in this episode are Carrie's daughter Gertrude, who has just been spanked by Elmer (we're not sure exactly who he is), and Ash (Ashur Earl Perkins), nephew to Ma and Pa.

Apparently Ash has hypnotized the otherwise-meek Elmer into becoming more masculine, and he has just spanked the spoiled Gertrude when Carrie hauls him off to the next room. The "swat" sounds indicate someone is getting spanked, and Ash assumes Carrie is thrashing Elmer. But he's got spanker and spankee reversed, and when he enters the room he finds that Carrie is once again getting her bottom warmed. Notice that "Aunt Susie" (Ma) is in no hurry for the spanking to stop!

spanking from polly and her pals april 18, 1930

Polly and Her Pals April 18, 1930. A hypnotized Elmer spanks Carrie after first having similarly dealt with her daughter Gertrude, while Ma watches with apparent satisfaction. Art by Cliff Sterrett. Scan by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/29/2017. © King Features Syndicate.

apartment 3g spanking panel from 05/22/1946

The spanking panel. Scan by Sweetspot. © King Features Syndicate.

We discussed Sterrett's style and contribution to the medium last time. The great humor in this style can be appreciated in, for instance, Carrie's expression in the spanking panel: she looks as though she can hardly believe what's happening. The OTK position is once again satisfactory, but just as with Carrie's previous spanking the humorous elements are emphasized at the expense of eroticism. Still, this is an excellent example of a funny "funny-papers" spanking.

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