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Firehair Fires Up A Saloon Girl's Bottom

This odd item came from the Firehair strip in Rangers Comics #25 (October, 1945) and was discovered as part of our Golden Age Comics Search. The female Western heroine Firehair seems all fired up about something, and as a result a nameless saloon girl gets the end of the whip across her behind! We don't like the whip as an implement - too difficult to control, among other problems - and we don't even consider it a true spanking implement. Still, we'd have to say this scene qualifies as a comics spanking, although just barely.

As we mentioned in The Girls of Fiction House over on the CSR Forum, Firehair was one of those fiery redheads who really needed taming, which is to say she needed someone to turn her bottom the same color as her hair. Unfortunately, it never happened as far as we know, and this is the only Firehair-involved spanking we have seen.

page 4 from rangers comics #25

Page 4 from Rangers Comics #25 (October, 1945). Published by Fiction House. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/31/2010.

whip meets bottom from rangers comics #25

Here's a close-up view. Since a hand-held implement is applied to the bottom, however briefly, we'd call it a spanking, but not a very good one - poor position (standing), poor implement (whip), too short a scene (one little flick that barely nips at the girl's bottom), unclear motivation (we don't even know who the spankee is), and no real aftermath.

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