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The title of the strip was still Steve Roper, but by the time of the episode seen here (exact date unknown), Steve had settled down to a desk job, leaving Mike Nomad to do most of the legwork (and the spank-work!). We don't know exactly what Robin has done here to deserve her spanking, but it was probably in the nature of spoiled brattiness. The old "applied psychology" gag (referring to the spanking) appears here in somewhat diluted form (we'll see two other examples in the Humorama series later this year), but the spanking itself is very well done, and over a swim suit too, which is the next best thing to bare bottom!

For more about the strip, see Steve Roper #1

mike nomad spanks girl in bathing suit

© King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/11/2011.

mike nomad spanks girl in bathing suit

© King Features Syndicate.

Here is a slightly enhanced version of the spanking panel. A picturesque streamside setting, good over-the-lap position, vigorous spanks (although not as hard as Lee Falk, Zack Mosley, and Roy Crane did them!), and unavailing protests from spankee Robin who's clenching her fists all combine to make this a very satisfying scene!

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