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Weird Spankings #23: The Shield

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We've mentioned PEP Comics and The Shield elsewhere, so we won't say more here except to note that this scene was taken from PEP Comics #18 (August 1941). We've also noted during earlier episodes of Weird Spankings the lamentable tendency in Golden Age comics to punish pint-sized male villains by spanking them. When we think about it, which we wish we didn't have to, it occurs to us that this is really a way of making fun of how small they are. Not very nice, but then neither are they.

This story is called "The Case of the Side Show Horrors" and the last panels certainly provide plenty of horror:

victim spanks little villain while shield watches

The Shield laughs, while we can only cry. The midget is handcuffed while being spanked, which makes it even worse. Script by Harry Shorten with art by Irv Novick. Published by MLJ (Archie) and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/01/2011. By the way, that line should have been "Take 'em in tow" not "Take 'em into tow".

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