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Wonder Woman Etta Candy Spanking of Japanese Spy

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wonder woman sensation comics #2 cover

Art by Harry Peter. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 02/26/2010

From Sensation Comics #2, (Feb 1942) comes our next example of Wonder Woman spanking. WW herself is not involved; it's Etta Candy, once again wielding one of those weird-looking Beeta Lamda sorority paddles that Harry Peter used to draw. Strangely (or it would be strange, if this were anything but a Wonder Woman comic), Etta uses the paddle to whack this issue's villainess all the way to jail!

etta candy paddles a japanese spy

We've heard of being railroaded into the hoosegow, but paddled into the penitentiary? Only with Wonder Woman! Etta, of course, has her mind set on getting more candy even as she whacks the Japanese spy. By the way, we don't think this scene qualifies as propaganda, a charge that is sometimes leveled at comics of this era, since the country was at war with Japan in 1942.

We found this one at Michael May.

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