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Bill Ward Belt-Spanking

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bill ward belt spanking colored by doctor cylon

Art by Bill Ward; colors by Doctor Cylon. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/20/2011.

Doctor Cylon set himself a difficult task in coloring later rather than earlier works of Bill Ward. Although his line remained clean, as time went on Ward's cartoons became sketchier-looking with a broader line and the extreme degree of polish that he had once lavished upon his subjects was lost. It seems to us with our admittedly limited experience in coloring anything ourselves that this change leaves the colors more naked, if you'll forgive the expression, and the colorist more open to criticism.

Ward's spanker here uses a belt, but the real difference between him and Ward's spankers from the 50's is how angry he looks - gone are those young couples with their rather playful-appearing OTK sessions. Why the change? Unfortunately we can't say. Ward described his early years working in comics and doing cartoons for Abe Goodman at Humorama, but said little about his late period, unless we missed something.

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