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Spankee is Stinging

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Doctor Cylon often uses non-OTK positions for what we might call base material: bending over, touching toes, whatever is available. This is as much out of necessity as it is of design, since that allows for non-spanking compositions to be adapted to spanking purposes. OTK is still king among spankos, however, and as we had an OTK scene last time, let's have another one now.

We don't recognize the artist, but his simple pencils managed to capture the essentials of spanking: resolute male spanker holding female spankee in position with her bottom bared, raised up, and quickly turning red as she kicks her legs and tosses her head in response to the sting! All it needed was a little color, which the good Doctor provided.

Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/02/2012.

doc cylon colorizes an otk spanking

Colorization by Doctor Cylon.

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