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Dominant Data

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We're embarassed to admit that we weren't sure if Paula Meadows was the artist here or not - we should know her style backwards and forwards by now - but Phil (Overbarrel) came to our rescue with the original version and confirmed it was indeed Paula (we think from Februs #7). We were always sure Doctor Cylon's observation that the spanker looks like Data (from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series) is correct, although the resemblance is probably coincidental. We can also be sure that the spankee is worried about a lot more just now than her spanker's resemblance to any fictional character!

otk spanking on couch where spanker looks like data

Colorization (and observation) by Doctor Cylon. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/24/2012.

original version by paula meadows

From the collection of Overbarrel.

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