paula/doc cylon wooden spoon spanking

posted by the Web-Ed on 06/14/2009

We have mentioned the spanking drawings of Paula Meadows elsewhere and shown a photo of the artist receiving a paddling herself here. Paula works in finely-rendered pencils, and we'll get around to posting some of her drawings in their original form eventually, but meanwhile, let's see what Doctor Cylon can do with them by adding some color. First we have a domestic scene taking place in a kitchen, in which a man finds a non-culinary use for the wooden spoon. Wood spoons have indeed been employed as spanking implements by many a harried mother over the years, but if you wish to duplicate this tradition, be advised: they have a tendency to bruise because the area they cover is so small.

paula/doc cylon star trek spanking

Next we have a fantasy dear to the hearts of spankophiles who are also sci-fi fans - a Star Trek-themed spanking! Doctor Cylon puts away his bottle of red ink for a moment and switches to green, the color of the Orion slave girl's (er, pardon me, Yeoman's) skin. Notice how her deeply submissive nature is presented through her expression and posture - nobody does this better than Paula! You can tell she puts a lot of herself into her work.

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