one girl rides another with riding crop

posted by the Web-Ed on 01/07/2010

Let's go for a ride! This one started as a black-and-white drawing by Raylude on the Wacky World of Erotic Comics. Since it already had a cropping taking place, Doctor Cylon figured that the only thing missing was some color, which he added. We ourselves much prefer color to B&W, even though we know intellectually that a work of art cannot be judged that way, because we really like colors and because all else being equal, we find color more erotic than B&W. Therefore, we support the efforts of Doc Cylon (and others) who colorize drawings (especially spanking ones).

Raylude is a fairly prolific artist and has done a lot of erotic work including some superhero stuff. As far as we know, other than this one he's never done a full-blown spanking illustration.

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