wally wood girl lying on bed with red bottom

posted by the Web-Ed on 12/24/2009

Here we see another case of a bottom too perfect to be left in an unspanked condition - but Doctor Cylon knows how to fix that! We recognized the artist at once as Wally Wood, and tried to find out exactly where this panel came from. Our first thought, his adult-oriented strip Cannon, proved wrong when we dug out our copy and went through it page by page. Our best guess at this point is that it came from Sally Forth (1971), which like Cannon appeared originally in Overseas Weekly.

Wood was known for his skill at drawing attractive women in or out of clothes, but his abiliities did not end there. He was in fact one of comics' most brilliant talents, and his distinctive work spanned a number of genres. Wood's credits are too lengthy to list here, but we will mention that during a brief stint on Marvel's Daredevil in 1964 he redesigned Daredevil's costume, creating the version still in use to this day, and was called "The greatest science fiction artist there ever was" by EC publisher William M. Gaines. We always lamented the fact that he never drew any spankings, as they would have been something to see. How good was Wood? Take a look:

cover of weird science #13 by wood

The unforgettable Wally Wood. From the cover of Weird Science #13 (May-June 1952 - this was the 2nd #13), © William M. Gaines

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