A Dangerous Spanking

quintabani jungle girl with the head of man who spanked her

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/09/2010.

Since we've been featuring "almost Jungle Girl" spankings this week, let's take a look at the hazards of spanking a real jungle girl. It can be a dangerous business, as Doctor Cylon shows us by adding colors and caption to an original drawing by (we believe) Quintabani: "Him spank me. Me kill him!!" In our opinion, this was not a successful spanking. Despite the nice red bottom we see on display, the spanker evidently neglected to keep a cool head (or any other kind of head, for that matter) on his shoulders. So, young spankers out there, since one of our tasks is to provide you with instruction in proper spanking techniques, how do you keep this from happening to you when you take your own jungle girl in hand?

Remember that these wild Jungle Girls all need to be tamed thoroughly - this is no time to do a half-assed (you should pardon the expression) job. Your own Sheena-type may rebel at first when you begin spanking her. Stop at that point, and you could wind up as tiger food like this guy did. The correct approach? Keep spanking until her bottom turns as red and hot as the jungle sun, and her anger drains away to be replaced by a newfound respect for you as her master. And don't forget to call her the next day, either!

If you like Jungle Girls, Doctor Cylon also once did a Shanna spanking.

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