Daphne Gets The Ruler

daphne with red bottom

For the second entry in our Bottom-Broken Rulers series, Doctor Cylon tested his mettle - or wood - using Daphne as his subject.

First, Daphne strains her brain trying to figure out why anyone would spank her instead of Velma (of course, we know that Doc Cylon's answer is to spank both of them, but never mind.) She would have done better to lower her skirt, because by failing to do so, she tempted fate (and Doc Cylon) with the sight of her bare bottom, which resulted in a ruler being applied thereto.

Original artist unknown; colors (and broken ruler) by Doctor Cylon. Two down!

ruler breaks on daphne's bottom

doc cylon colorizes daphne's tush after she has been spanked

01/13/2012 Update: The good Doctor recently completed another version adding color plus the sizzle sound effect. (Click to enlarge).

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