Zatanna Spanked with a Ruler

julius zimmerman's zatanna gets cylon ruler

We hope that Doctor Cylon purchases his rulers wholesale, because he sure breaks a lot of them across the backsides of various bad girls! In honor of this custom, we have decided to have a Bottom-Broken Rulers series in the gallery, so here is our first entry.

As he has so many times in the past. Julius Zimmerman provided the raw material: a nice B & W drawing of Zatanna (a good choice of spankee, by the way, as we remarked in Mandrake Spanking #1 and Scarlet Witch Spanks Zatanna ). Then Doctor Cylon arrived on the scene, adding the captions, coloring, and the broken ruler. Nice impact shot, and we can believe that Zatanna really feels this stroke, as her pained "Owwww!" attests!

julius zimmerman's zatanna gets cylon ruler

11/09/2012 Update: The good Doctor later did this aftermath version, in which we see the effects that stroke of the ruler had upon her behind. Sizzle!

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