Warning - adults only: The following story contains sexual themes as well as spanking, and is not intended nor is it suitable for children. The fictional characters within are all adults.

This story originally appeared on Superstories.net. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Web-Ed's Notes: While searching for spankings involving Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes, we came upon this story by John Feer, and to our surprise and delight, found that it had another spanking as well, with Supergirl getting it good from Mon-El! In fact, as it happens the Supergirl portion predominates, and John had not originally planned to use Saturn Girl for the subplot at all, but rather two other Legionnaires, Princess Projectra and Light Lass. Now, the relative merits of the various female Legionnaires as spankees can be debated endlessly (for some discussion see this posting on the Bulletin Board), but Saturn Girl, with her haughty, untouchable air is the one we most wanted to see humbled by being spanked, while Supergirl... well, let's just say that no one is going to lament seeing her get, in John's words, "the comeuppance she richly deserves."

But having said that, it is important to note that these are both consensual spankings, not disciplinary ones, and their sizzling eroticism derives from that very fact. Both these young women have an extremely powerful need to be tamed by a strong man (the essence of female desire, by the way), so that even though John tells the story from his own, obviously masculine point of view (in the psychological sense; in terms of literary technique, the story is told mainly from Supergirl's and Saturn Girl's point of view), it is their feminine needs which drive events forward and whose satisfaction forms the story's climax (if you'll pardon the expression).

Someday, we hope to commission some drawings of Saturn Girl and Supergirl getting spanked good and hard (of course, there are some of Supergirl already in the Comics Section). Until then, here are some non-spanking drawings to serve as illustrations for the benefit of those readers who may not be familiar with the principal characters:

saturn girl and mon-el lightning lad Mon-El Supergirl
Saturn Girl and Mon-El Lighting Lad Mon-El Supergirl. Characters © DC Comics Inc.

A Typical Friday Night in the 30th Century


In which the Mighty Supergirl gets the comeuppance she richly deserves.

By John Feer


Supergirl was miffed.

She'd saved something like five of her Legion Comrades from Computo Mark II and destroyed the evil robot in the bargain...and who gets all the attention?

Princess Projectra.

Supergirl stood off to one side arms folded under her sweet bosom a look of disgust on her lovely face.

"She was like, the FIRST hostage taken...Computo stuck her in a big cage...couldn't be bothered to mind control her for Rao's sake!" raged the heroine inwardly.

Colossal Boy, Karate Kid and Chameleon Boy were all gathered around **** *** who sat on some wreckage with her head in her hands and made the most of it.

Supergirl rolled her eyes.

"I can't stand the way she plays the damsel in distress all those guys are like a moth drawn to a flame!" thought the Maid of Might.

Sun Boy detached himself from the group and walked over to Supergirl, he gave the heroine a hearty shoulder clasp and said "Great work, SuperBOY couldn't have done it better!!"

The Girl of Steel's mouth hung open in astonishment as Sun Boy walked blithely away.

"Th-thats all I am to the Legion? A last minute stand-in for Cousin Kal El???" she thought "S-superboy's soft substitute in a skirt???!!!"

The Maid of Might fought back tears.

A Few Hours Later...

Kara sat at her vanity table in her modest private quarters inside the Legion of Super Heroes Headquarters.

In a desultory mood she applied a cherry red shade of lipstick to her otherwise perfect lips.

"I should've just flown back to the 20th century" thought the heroine "I mean, I did my job busted up Computo like a good little heroine...SuperBOY couldn't do it better OOHHHHH THE IDEA!!"

Brainiac Five her nominal Legion beau had even fled to his laboratory to examine a strange space-time warping mineral Computo planned to use as a weapon leaving the beauteous Supergirl without plans on a Friday night.

Some of the Legion Girls were talking about going out on the town, normally Supergirl would be happy to come along, but tonight she felt neglected and forlorn.

She looked at herself in the mirror and made a face.

"I'm as pretty and as feminine as Princess Projectra...she does that damsel in distress thing and everyone comes a running!" remonstrated the Girl of Steel.

The door chimed "Come in" said Supergirl in a sulky voice.

Mon El stepped inside with a pleasant smile.

"Supergirl, Cosmic Boy and I were doing an informal de-brief and I just wanted to warn you that you were premature in rescuing Projectra and Alya from Computo, you will recall that Ultraboy and Phantom Girl were tasked to take the point on recovery."

Mon El smiled guilelessly.

Kara set her jaw in a determined way "I had to rescue them first because their containment modules were programmed to self destruct on a sublightspeed trigger!"

"Well true but we anticipated that during the simulation. You know what Superboy says,sticking to the mission plan is every legionnaire's duty!"

Kara stared at him dumbfounded.

"I'm NOT a boy and I'm especially not Superboy!" she blurted.

"Ah gee...I know that Kara" began Mon El in a perplexed tone.

"If I was Superboy though, I damn well wouldn't have my actions thoughtlessly nitpicked like this!!" blazed the heroine.

Mon El sighed, he liked Supergirl, she was sweet natured and utterly fearless. He felt the Maid of Steel rarely got the credit she was due.

Mon El recalled with the simplest nostalgia how he'd watched Supergirl undressing and taking baths or playing with herself with that dreamy expression on her face, all from the formless void of his thousand year long Phantom Zone imprisonment.

Right now though, she was acting like a perfect brat.

Fortunately, Mon El, had experience with brats.

Kara turned from Mon El and muttered "Rao you all treat me like a BOY ot something....none of you have the courage to put me in my place like MEN!"

The young Daxamite smiled to himself and walked across to Supergirl's turned back, swiftly he seized the hemline of her blue skirt, lifting it up and delivering three hard smacks on her lithesome ass.




Kara spun around with tears in her eyes, the spanking from the superhuman Mon El had actually hurt!

She raised one hand to deliver an angry retaliatory slap, but before he could follow through Mon El backed her against a wall and caught her dainty wrist in a grip of steel!

Supergirl twisted and turned ineffectually "Let me go!" she whined.

Secretly though, Supergirl was enjoying her own helplessness.

"Can't break...his grip...Mon El is just so STRONG!" thought the captive heroine.

Mon for his part, looked down at his prey and smiled mirthlessly.

"I have all your powers Kara..." he intoned "You can't escape me because I'm stronger than you...I'm going to leave here now, if you want more of this...wait five minutes and come to my quarters. If not suit yourself, but you are no boy to me!"

Mon then kissed Supergirl hard on the lips.

And what the hell, the Girl of Steel melted.

Quickly Mon El held two fingers up to Supergirl's delicate lips.

"Shhh! Don't say ANYTHING...I know you are an icon, a role model for millions of girls. You are proud...strong...free...because only a proud and perfect female such as yourself is worth the taming!" whispered the Daxamite.

"Uck...Uhhhh..." sighed the heroine who stared at Mon El with huge helpless eyes.

Mon El smiled ruthlessly..."So maybe I'll see you or maybe I won't. But... if you do come, you aren't in charge remember that...in my quarters, you are MINE!"

The Daxamite spun his heels and left.

Supergirl's heart was racing like a thoroughbred "He-he DIDN'T ...N-no he DID!!" she raged inwardly.

"I-I'll go to his quarters and give HIM a piece of my mind - I think!" she resolved.

But first Supergirl had to change panties...the pair she had on was soaked.


Meanwhile down the hall, Imra Ardeen (AKA "Saturn Girl the Legion's resident telepath) was reviewing security protocols with her boyfriend Garth Ranzz (AKA "Lightning Lad, master of electricity).

Imra was seated at the head of the conference table deep in a debate with Garth over artificial intelligence parameters...when suddenly just for a moment her coochee, primly shielded by lace trimmed megapanties and properly barbered to the sweet golden down, began to tingle pleasurably.

"Uhhhh what is that?' she thought "Feels good...must concentrate on the job at hand though!"

Alas, though all the supposedly tough cool Imra Ardeen could think about was letting Lightning Lad fondle her bare breasts or perhaps playfully swatting her ass!

"lets review the back up sequences" gasped Saturn Girl who shifted slightly in her seat.

"Suit yourself" chirped Garth.

"Oohhhhh...he thinks of me a COLLEAGUE! Like like I'm a boy or something!" thought Saturn Girl.


Meanwhile down the hall, Supergirl had changed her briefs, brushed her hair and applied a touch of lipstick. Then taking a deep breath, She exited out into the hallway looking very self conscious indeed.

She walked with a slow cautious gait towards Mon El's quarters, when suddenly from out the women's privy came Ayla Ranzz (AKA "Lightning Lass) clad in a towel her hair still wet from a turbo shower.

"Kara! she sang out "Are you coming out with us tonight?"

Supergirl looked momentarily stricken "Uh ah no!" she stammered "I er...gonna do some extra training!"

Ayla shrugged saucily "Suit yourself we'll be a Satellite D'Amour if you change your mind!"

Lightning Lass swept away with a smile.

"Could could she TELL??" thought the Maid of Might wildly "Th-that I'm about to be tamed???"

"NO I AM NOT! I'm Supergirl no mere boy can tame my spirit" she raged inwardly.

But her panties were damp again.


A few more steps brought Kara to the doorway to Mon El's quarters, she sighed thrust out her chin and chimed for entrance.

The doorway whooshed open...Mon El's apartment was dark and strangely quiet.

Suppressing a shudder, Supergirl stepped inside as the door closed behind her.

"I- I'm here!" she called out bravely.

"To be tamed!" responded Mon El's voice from out the darkness.

"Am am not...I'm SUPERGIRL...Last Daughter of Krypton, no man can dominate me!!" blushed the heroine hotly.

"Come over here!" commanded Mon El.

The lights came up in the living habitat, Mon sat in a simple chair and gazing hard at Supergirl.

Kara was by now beet red but he still held on to a shred of her heroinely dignity.

"No no!" she breathed without conviction.

"Darling" smirked Mon El "You are not in charge here remember...now come over to my lap like...a...good...little...Supergirl"

Those last five words, slowly and suggestively enunciated had a electric effect on the Girl of Steel. Led by her throbbing pussy, Kara walked over to Mon El's lap as if in a trance.

"You've been a bad...Supergirl" said Mon El suggestively.

Kara's mouth gaped open, "Y-yes...I treat the other girls like idiots, I'm bossy and I'm bratty!"

Supergirl was astonished at her own response.

"Moons of Krypton...I can't really want this...can I??" she thought wildly.

The Maid of Might stared at her captor expectantly.

The Daxamite smiled ruthlessly.

"Pull your panties down and lie over my lap!" he commanded.

"No!" gasped the heroine.

"Ka-ra!" admonished Mon "I could smell your arousal before you even came in the door...don't put off what you yourself want so badly. Now, pull your panties down like a good super heroine NOW!!! This is ALL for your own good."

Tears stung the proud blonde beauty's eyes, her kissable lower lip trembled.

"I-I..." she babbled indecisively.

However, all this time Supergirl's pussy was throbbing with a pre-orgasmic life of it's own.

Mon El, being superhuman himself could literally hear Supergirl's surging hormones.

He waited, he knew his prey...it went from proud, to indecisive to slave in that order...The Girl of Steel would be no different.

Meanwhile, a switch seemingly closed in Supergirl's head, her indecision was over, wordlessly she rucked up her skirt and slowly pulled her matching blue briefs down to her dimpled knees.

"That is better!" purred her captor.

Silently the mighty Supergirl draped herself submissively over Mon El's lap like a very naughty schoolgirl.

The daring Daxamite gazed in triumph at the Maid of Might's exquisite and wonderfully bare backside.

Supergirl exhaled hard and swallowed, bit her lower lip pensively but remained otherwise quiet.

"He CAN'T tame me can He?!!!" thought the heroine in despair

Meanwhile down the hall...

Saturn Girl's pussy was hotter than a unmanned solar probe.

Garth was droning on and on about tighter security protocols while his poor girlfriend was practically melting from a mysterious mounting sexual frenzy.

In her mind she could visualize lace trimmed panties being lowered down to a pair of sweetly dimpled knees.

Imra gasped and shook her head the whole mental image was like a 5-d porno-blast from the Sexyards of Kasturbis!

There was one thing that was abundantly clear to Saturn girl, only one female in the Legion favored expensive antique lingerie like that!

"Great Moons of Saturn those aren't spray-on panties, they are made of real semi-organics!" realized Imra "It's SUPERGIRL...somewhere in headquarters she's getting tamed and I can hear her every thought and emotion!!" Alas for the haughty female telepath, she had a hundred tricks and blocks to prevent malevolent mind control, but faced with Supergirl's honest and generous libido it was like be hit with a fifty megawatt sex ray!

That is if fifty megawat sex rays were still legal on earth!

Saturn girl shifted in her seat as her coochee rapidly melted into a puddle of pure sexual female heat!

"Can't screen Kara's pleasure reflex out!! Some handsome brute is dominating her...and she is LOVING IT!!! The whole scene, it's overwhelming me!!" thought Imra wildly.

With narrow eyes she gazed at Garth with disgust.

"What is the matter with this guy doesn't he realize how horny I am!!"

"I make a nice appearance...I've got a killer ass and legs that go for miles!!" remonstrated the girl telepath inwardly.

"I'm mean to the other girls...I've got a tough reputation...thats why Garth isn't making a move!!! OOhhhh Moons of Saturn, I'm burning up!" reflected Saturn Girl in sexual anguish.

Lightning Lad, for his part, was playing it pluto-frosty, he knew he'd get some tonight but he had to be patient.

"I-I won't submit I am Saturn Girl not some blob of offworld pleasureplasm...I can can control myself...I am a strong independent female!!!" repeated Imra to herself.

She sighed...it was going to be okay she would never give into her buzzing sopping pussy she was a Legion Leader!

"What would the other girls think if I just gave in to my impulses...just LET Garth take me like he owned me or something!!?" thought Imra.

"You know Garth, you really do treat me like I'm one of the guys...and I really really HATE that!" blurted out Saturn Girl.

Imra looked stricken and astonished, a sly look crossed Lightning Lad's handsome face.








Kara fairly writhed with both ineffable pleasure and pain. Mon El's blows rained down ceaselessly on her defenseless upturned fanny.

Even with all her superpowers, the Daxamite's spanks hurt and with each resounding smack Supergirl's hot wet pussy throbbed with ecstasy.

"Ooohhhh Mon El Please! I'll I'll be good!" moaned Kara.

"You talk to the other girls like you own them Supergirl!" grated Mon El, "I wonder what they'd say if they could see you now!?"

The Maid of Might sobbed and pouted but held her position over the young hero's lap.

'I'm sorry!!!!" whined the penitent Girl of Steel.


Saturn Girl meanwhile was backed up against a wall, she looked around wildly she was trapped there by Garth who leered at her happily.

"I just don't want to be treated like one of the boys is that so much to ask for??" she whined.

"I mean a girl just wants to claimed sometimes!!" gasped the blonde telepath.

"Did I really just say that??? I don't want to be claimed I mean I do but..." thought Saturn Girl.

She looked at him expectantly her ass was buzzing in the most delightful way, she was breathing heavily and her cooch was a soupy sea of lust.

Lightning Lad smiled mirthlessly and moved away...he sat on a chair and fixed a wicked suggestive look at Saturn Girl.

He crooked his finger.

Imra looked around in a panic like a trapped fawn in the forest.

"Nooo...no!" she sobbed.

"Come here Saturn Girl...you've been...bad!" sneered Garth.


"N-uhhhhhhhh-0hhhh!" whined Supergirl who kicked her ankles in a futile fashion and threw her arm back in vain attempt to ward off chastisement.

Mon El though, deftly caught her arm immobilizing the Maid of Might, he resumed his hard dubbing of her lithesome backside with new vigor.




Tears of shame, tears of raw animal arousal ran down Kara's beautiful face, she sobbed and abjectly begged.

"Please Mon El!! I'll be good!" she wailed.

"No not until you are tamed Supergirl, then you will be good!" promised the domineering Daxamite.

"Tamed TAMED!!! Never!!!" thought Kara hopelessly, her pussy though was signaling quite the opposite.


A sexy stinging heat surged thru Imra Ardeen's bare bottom as Lightning lad delivered another resounding thwack with his hand. This clap of sexual thunder was a mere precursor to "lightning" that was building up hot and wet between Saturn Girl's legs. She was now stretched out across his lap, Imra could feel the solid bulge of Garth's crotch pressing up against her.

Saturn Girl's panties were still down around her dainty ankles impeding her movements as Lightning Lad steadied his captive girlfriend and delivered another smart whack to her impudent backside!


"G-Garth!!!" moaned Saturn girl.

"Yes darling?" Lightning Lad paused in his spanking and smirked hugely.

"M-More!!! DON'T STOP!!!" begged the arrogant beauty!



Thru her moans of lust, Imra could Garth's deep breathing signaling his own rising pleasure. Lightning Lad's hands kneaded her hot pink flesh and an insistent finger wormed it's way into Saturn Girl's throbbing vagina as the beauteous blonde telepath began to squirm in helpless orgasm.

"Uhhhhhhh Ohhhhh pl-please!!" wept Imra.

Lightning Lad was deaf to his girlfriend's pleas; "WHACK!" "WHACK!" "WHACK!"

"Ohhhhh God of Titan TAME ME GOOD!!" howled Saturn Girl.


Meanwhile the mighty Supergirl was a weeping writhing mess as she absorbed blow after blow on her soft girlish behind from Mon El's super hard hand.

"M-Mon...OUCH!!! N-nnooo!!! Please! SOB!" gasped the helpless heroine.

The Daxamite hero though, was not going to relent until the Maid of Might was thoroughly tamed.





Supergirl's ass was a lovely shade of rose red, her face streaked with tears, her pussy a smoldering volcano, every smack from Mon El sent a bolt of sexual lightning thru Kara's fast weakening body.






"M-Mon??!!! Stop!!! I'll be good!!!!" begged the Maid of Might.

The Daxamite (who by now had a flourishing erection under his superex pants) merely kept up his tattoo on Supergirl's fabulous buttocks.

Imperceptibly though, Kara despite her tearful heartfelt pleas, had been raising her red chastened rump to meet Mon El's spanks for the past five minutes.

This did not go unnoticed by the Domineering Daxamite, "Ahhhh the taming the sweet feminine submission is soon at hand...nothing quite like it!" he though.

Supergirl gasped with wide astonished eyes...she sighed...she fruitlessly thrust her sopping cooch into Mon El's steel hard thigh.

Suddenly Kara Zor El knew...she just did, Mon has overpowered her for a reason...to claim her to take her to ravish her the way she'd always fantasized.

And frankly, the Maid of Might had a lot of fantasies...tonight the deepest and darkest was coming true!!!

"Master!!!" Supergirl finally blurted..."Oh MASTER PLEASE!" groveled the Girl of Steel.

Suddenly Kara was at peace, she'd been claimed just like all the other girls...it felt wonderful!

Mone El stopped in mid spank..."Are you tamed now Supergirl??" he asked ominously.

"I'm a broken girl!!" promised Kara fervently!


By now Saturn Girl's panties were down around her knees, her skirt was rucked up over her shapely thighs as Lightning Lad 's long thick cock found Imra's dropping coochee, teasing it with just the bulbous head.

"Ugghhhh arrrghhh...G-Garth please f-fuck meeee" begged the normally imperious blonde telepath.

Imra was a thoroughly tamed girl now. She facing the wall, braced against it at a slight angle, presenting her reddened and slightly sore backside as a gift to her new master.

Lightning Lad smirked in triumph "Not so tough now are you? If only the rest of the Legion could see Saturn Girl now!" he taunted.

"Oohhhhh Garth please FUCK your litle captive Im-ra!" wheedled Saturn girl.

Lightning Lad took his time, blew in her ear softly and whispered "Mine all mine".

Imra's head sagged, she smiled sweetly and begged: "Ohhhh Gods of Titan don't stop!!!"

Garth eased himself slowly into his girlfriend, pulling Imra back slowly against him. As Saturn girl's burning ass touched his taut belly, she gasped and fruitlessly tried to pull away,but Lightning Lad held on fast as the blonde telepath's cooch came alive in delightful ways.

Lightning Lad was triumphant he was in complete control of the commanding imperious Saturn Girl!

Imra groaned with pleasure and squeezed her soupy pussy around Garth's huge woman-taming member. Her hot well spanked bottom wiggled shamelessly against his groin, His hands grasped her breasts, found the hard peaks and flicked them sending waves of pleasure crashing thru Imra's body.

Saturn Girl moaned and moved "More!" she pleaded.

Her whimpers became incoherent cried as Lightning Lad's thrusts drove her to a perfect howling orgasm!

As Garth's virile spunk spurt into Saturn girl's womb, he kissed her neck gently, tousled her long blonde hair murmured endearments under his breath.

Imra's eyes fairly rolled back into her head.

"Darling...say it say please?!!" breathed Garth.

"Garth...no no...Master please!" babbled the blonde telepath.

Saturn girl shook her head, her orgasm had been intense and disorienting...a little of her former sass had returned though "I'm just warning you, I want to have three children at least!" she joked.

"Don't worry" japed Garth, "after we are married I'm not letting you out of the house at all!"


Meanwhile Supergirl was standing in the corner like the thoroughly chastened superheroine she truly was. She was holding up the back of her mini skirt with her powder blue superbriefs rudely pushed down to her knees.

Her ass though, those twin lithesome mounds the very stuff of fever dreams from the 20th thru the 30h century, fairly glowed like a red kryptonite meteor.

Kara's cooch on the other hand showed no sign of punishment it was swollen, flushed and soupy hot!

"M-master?" groaned the Maid of Might.

"Patient my superslave!" sang out Mon El from another room.

"He called me slave! He did I AM tamed!" exulted Kara inwardly.

Mon return from the other room, "Keep staring at that wall, you've been a BAD Supergirl!" he commanded.

Kara suppressed a smile, she'd a done anything at that point to please Mon El.

Suddenly a wonderfully cool moist feeling was being perfunctorily spread all over her still flaming backside.

"OOhhhhhhh ahhhhh" cooed the heroine in a sweetly subservient tone, involuntarily she crouched and a closed her eyes as the soothing substance covered her ass completely.

"Daxamite healing ointment...just the thing for a Daxamite spanking!" smirked Mon El whose hand roamed freely over Supergirl's nigh perfect nates.

Kara felt her backside fairly vibrate with strange healing pleasure...the sensations rippled out thru her curvy body.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Supergirl let her head fall back with eyes closed, a most wanton smile on her perfect lips.

Mon El's finger insistently brushed and flicked at her long moist cooch.

"Oooh Master please!!" whined the Girl of Steel.

"Is my new slave...tamed now?" asked Mon El.

"Yes Master!" chirped Supergirl.

Mon El's all conquering finger probed and teased Kara's wet hot cooch, he sounded almost disinterested in the horny female he'd effortlessly dominated.

Roughly he bent down and pulled up Supergirl's delicate super-panties, they snapped into place with an audible "crack!"

Kara gave a start her red lovely lips were formed into a delicious "O" of surprise.

"Good superslave now turn around and face me" drawled the Daxamite.

The Maid of Might slowly artistically pirouetted on one pointed toe, true to her newly tamed nature she kept the back of her skirt rucked up.

She was an good little Superslave who wanted to please her new master!

Supergirl blushed and looked at the floor then bit her lower lip.

"How could I have know, that the taming would feel this good!?" she thought.

The Domineering Daxamite smiled mirthlessly "Now...Superslave...take those panties off and hand them to me!!"

"But He just had them...no-no MUST obey!" thought the tamed tigress from Krypton.

Obediently, Supergirl reached under her miniskirt and slowly drew down her briefs..she blushed purple as she worked the frivolous undergarment past her silky thighs and then down her long long legs.

With downcast submissive eyes, The Girl of Steel stepped out of her panties and handed them to her new master.

Mon El, for his part never stopped gazing with lofty admiration at his new acquisition.

Grasping the panties, the ultimate symbol of Supergirl's newfound submissiveness he raised them to his nose and inhaled for a moment the unique fragrance of the heroine's arousal.

A wolfish look crossed Mon El's face, he moved in for the kill, undoing his legging and exposing his huge nine inch erection to the open air.

Kara stole a glance and was goggle eyed at the sight.

"Golly he is...HUGE!" thought the heroine wildly.

"See something you like Superslave??" muttered the Domineering Daxamite.

Gripping Kara's arms firmly, Mon swooped in to kiss, nibble and explore Supergirl's lips. neck and shoulders.

Kara threw her head back in ecstasy...."Ohhhh master yes!!" she begged.

Mon El tasted Supergirl's red red lips the heroine was wild with desire.

"MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrrraaaaahhhhh!!!" Kara moaned while her team-mate released his grip on her arms to prod and pinch her breasts thru her super costume.

Kara's mind was a riot of pleasure. "Rao!" she thought, "He can pinch me harder...I can take it I'm SUPERSLAVE!!"

Seemingly reading her mind, Mon El gave her left nipple, oh so tantalizingly erect a stiff squeeze.

"Oh!" squeaked the heroine; her now free hands roamed her master's muscular back.

Kara and Mon exchanged smoldering kisses, by now both their loins were on fire.

"Ma-ster! Take me! Now!" pleaded Supergirl, she could feel the hot dominant weight of Mon El's dick just out of reach of her sopping wet cooch.

Mon El smiled ruthlessly, moment was soon at hand.

The Hero from Daxam gave Supergirl a delicate shove up against the wall, spreading her legs wide and exposing the petal of her womanhood.

Supergirl was hot, wet, and completely mad with arousal.

Mon El nuzzled his new slave's neck with expertise.

Kara's mouth hung open lewdly, she gave her team-mate a half lidded look of raw passion.

"Oohhhh please be...gentle" pleaded the Maid of Might.

Supergirl was braced against the wall long legs spread and trembling, panting with raw ecstasy. Her pussy ached with sexual need; Kara couldn't wait to take Mon-El's nine inch cock.

Her whole body tensed up when Mon El positioned himself between her legs, his shaft poised at her tender moist opening.

He was breathing heavily "hot ready and willing, perfect slave, tamed in record time" he reflected.

And with that Mon El thrust his dick hard into the sopping pussy of the one and only Supergirl!

"EEEeeeep!" Supergirl grunted when her lover plunged his dick slowly and deliberately inside her steaming womanhood.

"Ohhh ohhh OHHH!!" sang the heroine in a rising solo of sheer sexual joy.

Instinctively the Maid of Might clenched her vagina hard around Mon El's thrusting manhood.

When the Daxamite filled her to the hilt, she wrapped her shapely legs around his waist and pulled him close, eyes shut tight, biting her lip - a wondrous pink pre-orgasmic cloud settled over the Kryptonian Kutie.

Mon El grunted in triumph and began to grind his manhood remorselessly in and out of Kara's hot wet cooch.

All this was turning into the most incredible and satisfying thing she'd ever experienced in her young life. Never had she felt so happy, so needed, so...tamed!

It was like her soul was floating out her body on photon swells of pure pleasure!

Up Up Kara soared with every thrust from Mon El's giant cock.

"Yessss....Yeee-esss Master!!!" she groaned.

The Daxamite grinned as he pumped his cock into the ravishing heroine. His muscles tensed up and he felt as if he could screw with his new slave forever. And so he pounded her with renewed vigor, gritting his teeth, jaws clenched, fists bunched on either side of her as his hips rose up and slammed down over and over.

"C'mon Slave show me what you've got!" taunted the Daxamite.

The thrusts seemed to make Supergirl come alive beneath him. He relished her moans of pleasure and how she raked at his back and wrapped her shapely superlegs around his waist to promote his all conquering penetration.

"Oh M-Mon that is the sweet spot!" moaned the Coed Crime Fighter.

Not even Mon El, master of heroines that he was, could resist Supergirl's heartfelt coos and pleas.

There was now a peculiar heat now traveling from his balls up his penis.

Kara could sense it; she clenched her superpussy with wild abandon!

"Please! Oh Rao please please.... hah - harder!" Kara pleaded, gasping and thrashing.

"UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Mon El groaned, blasting his seed deep into Supergirl's sweet hot nook. The intensity of his orgasm powered his entire body into overdrive, and he began driving his cock ever deeper into Kara's hot wet female depths.

YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!" Supergirl screamed as her body rose and arched, practically on her toes, tensing up as crushing waves of orgasms pounded her body in rhythm with her master's thrusts.

Quite literally, Mon El's lovemaking had driven Kara a good three inches into the duralinium wall!

The Daxamite Marvel disengaged from Supergirl with a gasp of triumph; he was sweat soaked and haggard - and why not?

He'd just tamed and then made sweet love to the most powerful girl in the universe.

The Maid of Might sighed, smiled and fell to her knees in sheer bliss.

"Thank you master!" she gasped.

Mon El smirked down at Supergirl, he had already re-sealed his pants.

"strip and then come to bed" he said as he walked towards his bed room.

"Yes master!" breathed Supergirl.


Hours later, Mon El's regular girl friend, Shadow Lass (AKA Tasmia Mallor, the Legion's Mistress of Darkness) returned from a dreary courier mission to the Shoulders of Orion.

The hospitality computer told her that Mon El was off duty and in his quarters.

Thinking nothing of it, Tasmia made for the entrance and let herself in with the access code Mon had long ago given her.

Silently Shadow Lass crossed the habitat into Mon El's private sleeping chamber.

There she saw what should have been a shocking sight, the one and only Supergirl, naked and wrapped around an equally naked Mon El.

Both remained asleep, oblivious to their blue hued intruder.

Tasmia far from being angered or shocked, smiled at the scene walking over to the clothing refresher she deactivated her costume modules and sprayed on a short pink nightie.

Mon liked her in pink made her look properly vulnerable and enticing.

Kara stirred from her deep sleep still smiling.

Shadow Lass loomed over her "Did he TAME you??" she whispered.

"Great Rao yes...I'm completely broken now!" whispered Kara back with eyes closed and huge satisfied smile on her face.

"Good!" breathed Shadow Lass "Mon is the best tamer in the Legion, he broke me in perfectly two weeks after I joined up!"

Tasmia was pleased, Kara was one of the proudest, strongest and most beautiful women in the Legion of Super Heroes, for her master to have tamed the mighty Supergirl was a testament to his virility and sheer dominance.

Shadow Lass settled herself into the crook of Mon El's free arm, she lay one lithe arm on his brawny naked chest and sighed.

"Welcome sister-concubine!" said Tasmia.

"Thank you sister-concubine!" responded Supergirl.

Mon El grinned broadly without opening his eyes "Ladies please...we all have early duty tomorrow morning!" he rumbled.

"Yes Master!" intoned Supergirl & Shadow Lass with sweet subservience.

As she drifted off to sleep Shadow Lass thought "Having two girls in Mon El's harem would be fun...there is so much we can teach one another!".

For her part, Supergirl reflected "I cannot stay...but this has been fun".

Kara sighed and snuggled up next to her conqueror.


The next morning, Shadow Lass and Supergirl served Mon El a classic "Legion Girl's Naked Breakfast", they bustled around the kitchen unit making sure their master was well fed and that his quarter's were clean and tidy.

Both girls smiled and giggled as they went about their feminine duties without a trace of jealousy toward one another - Properly tamed Legion girls were incapable of the emotion.

And Mon El was a proper tamer after all.

The only problem arose when The Daring Daxamite offered to make the arrangement permanent and permit Supergirl to take the harem girl's oath.

Kara declined.

Naked and kneeling before her previous night's master she explained "Brainiac Five deserves the honor of permanently taming me body and soul...I cannot take the oath of submission before anyone else!".

Mon El understood, it was a galactic irony that a tamed woman still only surrendered to the man she loved.

"Would you like me to explain what happened to Brainiac?" asked Mon El.

"No..as his future slave, that is my responsibility" said Kara.

The Daxamite was impressed with Supergirl's courage and determination, she would make a fine harem girl for Brainiac Five!

to compensate Mon El for his "loss", Supergirl and Shadow Lass double fellated their master, with Tasmia sucking his cock with sure skill and Kara mouthing his balls.

Here for the first time Mon El submitted to two Legion girls, shooting his load after a brief "struggle".


Meanwhile down the hall, in Lightning Lad's quarter's Saturn girl was wearing nothing but a spray on lingerapron, she knelt before the hero and happily repeated the Harem Girl's Oath "To be Strong and Submissive, Sweet and Sharp and Eternally True to her Master!"


Brainiac Five was kind and understanding when Supergirl explained what had happened with Mon El. She graphically described all the techniques he used to tame her and listed with clinical precision all the sex acts she'd engaged in to please the Daxamite.

Querl Dox was a rational being, he sighed, forgave Supergirl and bade her to rise.

As if nothing happened at all, he ushered her into his private lab where he claimed to have discovered a mineral that could immunize Supergirl and Superboy against Kryptonite.

Happily the Maid of Steel frisked into the laboratory, too late she noticed the powerful strength sapping red sun lamps overhead and the absence of any lab equipment.

Suddenly the Coed Crimefighter felt distinctly weak and helpless, her powers were draining away under the red solar radiation!

Startled she turned to Querl who locked the door and advanced on the now powerless Girl of Steel with a fanny-paddle and a strange gleam in his eye.

"Welcome to my red-sungeon Un-Supergirl! I spent all weekend working on it...and let me just say, I can tame with the best of them!!"

Kara backed away with a fearful look in her eye like a good little damsel in distress.

"He tricked me!" she thought wildly.

Her pussy though, was already sopping.

Author's Post Script:

Pleas do not fall into the trap of cataloguing all the continuity & characterizations errors and stretches that comprise this story. Think of it as a sort of sex fable or a "Penthouse Variations" letter starring various famous superheroines.

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