Chicago Spanking Review

Memoirs of an Assistant Principal

By D. M. Sherwood


Fiction Section


The Assistant Principal of an interplanetary girls reform school relates some instances in which he was compelled to administer corporal punishment to maintain good order and discipline.


Web-Ed's notes: David (DM) Sherwood has been a long-time friend and supporter of CSR (see, e.g., Time Traveling Thieves #3), and he recently sent us this sample of his fiction which we now gratefully present.

 © D. M. Sherwood, all rights reserved. Reformatted and copy-edited by Web-Ed.

This story is intended for mature adults and is not suitable for children.

"I've peeled down pantaloons, yanked down shorts, lifted skirts by the dozen score... all in the noble cause of a sore fanny."
Memoirs of an Assistant Principal,
Girls Reform School
Inner Saggitarius Arm
Discipline Section
Imposition of Corporal Sanction, Sub-section: Spanking


I've felt the hot blood (body temperature 120 Deg. C) of the silver buns of Rar of Caliban felt the searing rasp of their thighs as I spring sweat from my palms as I spanked some sense into their wild hearts

I've had frostbite in my fingers from the bums of the girls of the Ice Castles of Toron as I beat into them the value of compromise

I've worn a wet suit to protect my hands and lap from the yellow and black calligraphic irritant secretions of the Shara of Rigel XVI while my wrist tanned away at their rears to expouse the negativity of inter-species bullying

I've plucked the tail-plumes from Aristocratic Hor Hawk girls and smacked toast-warm the pocked chicken skin tushes thus denuded in the cause of respecting common people's rights.

I've shaved the furred arses of the Cat-girls of Sirius for improved sting to highlight the inapropriateness of put-downs in dealing with members of Staff

I've peeled down pantaloons, yanked down shorts, lifted skirts by the dozen score- from heavy hooped court dressto minis little more than jungle modesty flaps, ripped the backside out of kimonos, pared away impact buffering natural ortechnofix with knife fingernails and where nessesary, teeth. I've slit trouser cords unbuckled belts sawed through chain-mail with pliars laser sliced diamond bustles. I've scraped off bony scales I've used alkali solvent to melt off callus ass armor - all in the noble cause of a sore fanny.

Shamed adolescent God-Queens into asking for the slipper

Backed down adolescent knife-girls with Bowies at my throat and made them bend over and submit to correction.

Browbeaten a troop of girl-soldiers into spanking each other.

Seen fannies of almost all colors of the spectrum quiver and wobble over my lap. Seen them go buttercup yellow, blacken, grow blotched royal-blue even glow electric-arc violet in sign of pain, contrition overwhelm. Known the satisfaction of my handwork, of not doing a half-assed job.

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