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Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves #3

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cover of xt time-traveling thieves #3

Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves #3 (June 1987). © Vogel, Probst and Kraft. From the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/11/2014 (click to increase in size).

This is a most unusual item, being both taken from an actual comic book (Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves #3) and from a continuation commissioned by David Sherwood, who was good enough to send it to us. As soon as he did, we knew we wanted to present this unique example of comic-book spanking as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration (April 2014). Let's see how it all came about.

Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves was a book we'd completely forgotten about, despite the unwieldy title which you might think would stick in one's memory. Published by Comics Interview, it was about two thieves, Fred and Bianca, in a futuristic science-fiction world. In issue #3, they wind up stealing a robot called the Mobile Obedience Machine, or MOM for short, but when they try to to sell it back to the owner, he doesn't want it because it was an unsuccessful model. At least, it was unsuccessful financially, but it does seem to have worked from the engineering standpoint, acting like a surrogate mother ready to make clothes or wash out the misbehaving child's mouth with soap. We're sure everyone can see where this plot is heading!

Below, we see Fred and Bianca trying to think of some way to get rid of MOM. We're not sure if Fred is a mutant or what, but as you can see he has an odd-shaped head, ears, and feet, and a tail. He may have been intended as a parody of the mutant X-Man Nightcrawler. Bianca is nude under the bed sheet to titillate readers (this is about as far as they could go and still market the book to kids), and neither of them seems to be very good at thinking, for not only do they fail to come up with a plan, MOM enters the room and discovers Fred under the sheet.

page 12 of xt time-traveling thieves #3

Page 12 (click to increase in size). Written by Henry Vogel, art by Mark Probst. © Vogel, Probst and Kraft.

Discovering Fred in Bianca's bed, MOM declares, "I'm going to tan both your backsides--starting with Fred!" And she does start with Fred - by the way, we regret having to show this F/M scene here, but it's the only way to make sense of the story and the new continuation. Unfortunately, we cut away from the spanking scene before it's Bianca's turn to be turned over MOM's knee - a serious storytelling error - and the next caption begins "Several painful minutes later..." There is some ambiguity here, but we have to think Bianca did get her fanny tanned offscreen. And this is where David Sherwood comes in, for he commissioned an artist to show us what Vogel and Probst failed to: Bianca's spanking!

page 13 of xt time-traveling thieves #3

Page 13 (click to increase in size). © Vogel, Probst and Kraft.

And it's a good spanking, too, with Bianca's bare bottom revealed (remember she was nude under the sheet but managed to pull a top on while Fred was getting spanked) and reddened for three panels under MOM's relentless palm until her tears begin to flow and she pleads "Ow. No more, MOM! No more!" (which should have been punctuated as "Ow! No more, MOM - no more!" to indicate her growing desperation for the spanking to end, but never mind).

dm sherwood spanking continuation of xt time-traveling thieves #3
dm sherwood spanking continuation of xt time-traveling thieves #3

So our sincere thanks to David Sherwood, who has once again come to the aid of CSR this time with the good taste and initiative to turn one of those "missed opportunities" we're always cataloguing over on the Forum into an "opportunity taken for a spankin'!" Because of the MOM/Fred scene, this one does count as an actual comic-book spanking and will be logged into the Comics Spanking Data Base, and because the major interest is with Bianca's turn OTK we have put this page in Comics Gallery 1 along with other examples of independent spanking art.

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