well-dressed man spanks girl

Another spanking cartoon by Dan DeCarlo, who drew many during his long career. Here a young, pretty wife is spanked by her distinguished-looking, middle-aged husband for the offense of wearing a "crazy hat" that "attracts too much attention"! His action attracts some attention of its own from several male spectators, who don't seem to mind watching a pretty girl get spanked. This cartoon was obviously published when both men and women still routinely wore hats, a fashion we'd like to see make a comeback, and when men routinely spanked their women - another fashion we'd like to see make a comeback!

The source for this scan and where we found it are both unknown, but it was most likely taken from the July 1961 issue of Romp (see below for why we have come to this conclusion).

Posted by the Web-Ed 09/15/2007; revised 03/17/2012

decarlo man spanks girl for attracting attention altered sugar daddy caption and bare bottom

03/17/2012 Update: Here is another version in which someone reversed the image, bared the spankee's bottom, and changed the caption. We don't know who he was, but he was sure a busy fellow!

decarlo man spanks girl for attracting attention with hat july 1961 romp

From the July 1961 issue of Romp (Web-Ed's collection). Posted 03/17/2012.

decarlo man spanks girl for attracting attention mike's version

From Mike's collection, but was also taken from the July 1961 Romp.

Two more versions, both of which were taken from the July 1961 issue of Romp: the one at left is from our own somewhat damaged copy but preserves an unrelated gag at the top of the page; the one at right came from Mike's collection and is in much better shape. We truncated the Roy-Troy gag from the page when we scanned it, but its presence there is proof Mike must have cut the page from that particular digest and not some other. Although Humorama's cartoons were generally reprinted, some more than once, there would usually be differences in the caption's wording or typography (there are none here), and other features cluttering up the page were not reproduced because the editor wouldn't even have known about them when he was rummaging through the file of original art.

Therefore, although this cartoon was almost certainly reprinted, the 1961 date is the only one we can confirm, and it was probably the cartoon's first appearance.

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