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Placido Domingo as Pagliacci And if I laugh at any mortal thing, 'Tis that I may not weep -- Lord Byron, Don Juan, Canto IV

Byron put it better than we ever could. Without humor, the grim business of living would wear down the spirit pretty quickly. It may be too late for the unhappy clown Pagliacci (played by Placido Domingo, above), but here to turn that frown upside-down for the rest of us are a variety of thumbnailed images, which the Web-Ed has taken it upon himself to improve(?) with added captions and commentary.

Special Features
humorama cover model jasmine with verse secretary says you can spank her anytime sally mansfield holds ankles
Humorama Cover Gallery Humorama Spanking Verses Humorama Spanking Mentions Humorama Spanking Positions
bill wenzel three girls big six house ad for Humorama data base with humorama db lettered on it betty brosmer bends over
The Big Six Compared Humorama: An Afterword Humorama Spanking Data Base Humorama Spanking Positions II

Humorama Section (Plus Tim's Pastiches and Two by Ward)

man spanks woman selling spicy magazines man spanks wife for wrecking family car man spanks woman selling spicy magazines
Spanked for Spicy Writing Spanked for Wrecking Car Two-Sided Spanking
obrien backhand swat secretary spanked with paddle ward topless f/f spanking baker spanks wife to patty-cake man spanks wife on honeymoon
Backhand Swat Secretary Spanking #44 Topless Spanking Patty-Cake Spanking Morrice Newlywed Spanking #2
new boss learns to spank secretary new boss learns to spank secretary boss's wife spanks secretary patient spanks his shrink squeegee man whacks showering girl's butt
Secretary Spanking #41 Secretary Spanking #42 Secretary Spanking #43 Shrink Spank #7 Squeegee Spank #1
wenzel bongo-style spanking boss spanks secretary dean spanks student with diploma woman touches her toes, gets whacked man spanks wife
Two-Hand Rhythm Secretary Spanking #40 Diploma Spanking Touch the Floor! Helpful Mother-In-Law
spanking for the photo album beaven bongo-style spanking wenzel psychiatrist spanking patient wenzel psychiatrist spanking patient wenzel spanking at a party
One for the Album Beaven Bongo-Style Marriage Counsellor #4 Shrink Spank #6 Party Kook
forest ranger spanks girl man spanks woman miss wilson caned by customer secretary spanked for dictation secretary spanked by boss's wife
No Trespassing Womanly Rights Caned by Customer Secretary Spanking #38 Secretary Spanking #39
spanking with eyes shut spanking with eyes shut butler spanks mistress man spanks another man's wife henry spanks rather than simply moping
Eyes Shut Spanking Secretary Spanking #37 Butler Spanks Mistress Exasperating Wife Henry Doesn't Mope, He Spanks!
football coach spanks cheerleader beaven fly-swatter spanking homer secretarial school spanking morrice secretary spanking morrice newlywed spanking
Coach Spanks Cheerleader Frank Beaven Fly-Swatter Secretary Spanking #35 Secretary Spanking #36 Morrice Newlywed Spanking
triple value birthday spanking magila happy birthday spanking joe shuster secretary spanking bottoms up means spanking nurse grabner bends over files
Triple Value Birthday Magila Happy Birthday Secretary Spanking #34 Bottoms Up, Sonya Nurse Grabner Bends Over
ficklen fly swatter spanking ficklen secretary spanked for lateness ficklen hide tanning spanking crenshaw caveman spanking wrist watch spanking
Secretary Spanking #32 Secretary Spanking #33 Tan Her Hide Caveman Spanks Cavewoman Winding His Wrist Watch
fresh fish spanking pat on the back spanking doctor style spanking fly swatter spanking swat the moquito (behind)
Fresh Fish Pat on the ... Doctor Style Spanking Fly-Swatter Spanking Swat The Mosquito (Behind)
wyatt what is this spanking for hamilton spanking in the pink riley pain in the ass spanking suspenseful spanking butt slapping doctor
Reason to Spank #3 In the Pink Spanking Pain In The Ass Suspenseful Spanking Dr. Smith, Butt-Slapper
secretary to be spanked with paddle humorama bill power hand signal spanking humorama scarpelli gym paddling humorama quentin miller spanking cartoon paraschos reason to spank
Secretary Spanking #31 Hand Signal Spanking Paddling in the Gym When Psychology Fails... Reason to Spank #2
stiles woman bent over chair for spanking high-handed secretary spanking secretary cries before her spanking secretary spanked asks for raise secretary spanked with firm hand
Something to be Good For Secretary Spanking #27 Secretary Spanking #28 Secretary Spanking #29 Secretary Spanking #30
stiles spanking optometrist stiles dont spare the rod stiles spanked on park bench stiles woman bent over chair for spanking this is going to hurt
Bend Over to Read the Chart Don't Spare the Rod Spanked on Park Bench Unwinnable Discussion This Is Going To Hurt
decarlo spanking the maid decarlo spanked jaywalker decarlo sugar daddy spanking decarlo WAC whacked bo brown birthday machine spanking
Stern Requirements Spanked Jaywalker Sugar Daddy Spanking WAC Whacked Miss Gulick's Birthday
decarlo hill spanking 2 decarlo nurse spanked for cold hands decarlo principal spanks teacher wife protests husband spanking her decarlo redlight spanking
DeCarlo Hill Spanking #2 Cold Hands, Warm Seat Principal Spanks Teacher Really, Charles! Red Light, Red Bottom
stiles tropical island spanking stiles love honor disobey spanking stiles roast ham spanking stiles spanking analyst 1 stiles spanking analyst 2
Heat Below the Equator Love, Honor, Disobey Burned Steak, Roast Ham Shrink Spank #4 Shrink Spank #5
stiles secretary wife spanking stiles expensive hat spanking stiles applied psych spanking stiles applied psych spanking deal from the bottom spanking
Secretary-Wife Spanking Hat Costs Her A Spanking Applied Psychology Stiles Spanking Surprise Deal From The Bottom
wenzel harem spanking wenzel 1st secretary spanking wenzel salon spanking wenzel trumped ace spanking wenzel hiccup cure spanking
Wenzel Harem Spanking Secretary Spanking #26 Reducing Salon Spanking Trumped Ace Spanking Hiccup Cure Spanking
homer homey touch secretary spanking homer morse code love you too spanking wenzel election bet spanking wenzel hill country spanking wenzel cop spanking
Secretary Spanking #25 Morse Code Spanking Election Bet Spanking Hill Country Spanking Wenzel Cop Spanking
bill ward forget me not spanking bill ward secretary spanking #26 bill ward maid spanking bill ward maid spanking bill ward maid bend over chair spanking
Forget-Me-Not Spanking Secretary Spanking #23 Spanking the Maid #4 Secretary Spanking #24 Ward Wife Well-Deserved Spanking
bill ward swatting flies spanking bill ward bank overdraft spanking bill ward secretary changed voice spanking bill ward careless waitress spanking bill ward doctor spanks patient
Swat the Fly (Behind) #2 Bank Overdraft Spanking Secretary Spanking #22 Careless Waitress Spanked Doctor Spanks Patient
bill ward f/f spanking bill ward f/f spanking bill ward hairdresser spanking bill ward f/f seat of the trouble spanking bill ward swat fly spanking
Ward Gets to the Bottom Ward F/F Rivalry Ward Hairdresser Hairbrushed The Seat of the Trouble Swat the Fly (Behind) #1
spanker distracted by television george morrice after school spanking bill ward fairy godmother spanking humorama george morrice contractual spanking humorama george morrice marriage proposal spanking
Distracted by Television After-School Spanking Ward Fairy Godmother Spanking Morrice Contractual Spanking Morrice Proposal Spanking
kirk stiles marriage counselor spanking george morrice woman spanked by cop george morrice employee spanked for bad service young miss spanked by her maid wife spanked by milk man
Marriage Counsellor #3 Morrice Cop Spanking Customer Service Spanking Maid Spanks Miss! Milk Man Spanking
kirk stiles otk fatherly interest spanking kirk stiles f/f secretary spank kirk stiles f/f client spanking kirk stiles reason to be spanked kirk stiles marriage counselor spanking
Fatherly Interest Spanking Secretary Spanking #21 Miss Kuhel Regrets Reason to Spank #1 Marriage Counsellor #2
homer f/f otk hairbrush spanking homer f/f sauna spanking homer morse code birthday spanking homer morse code birthday spanking homer nagging wife spanking
Homer Hairbrush Spanking Homer Sauna Spanking Secretary Spanking #19 Secretary Spanking #20 Homer Nagging Wife Spanking
ward upstairs maid spanking bill ward bend over maid spanking one girl gives another one spank for every minute one girl spanks another over the hired hand one girl spanks another for upstaging her
Upstairs Maid OTK Maid Bends Over One Spank For Every Minute Hired Hand Spanking Spanked for Upstaging
ward boyfriend stealer spanked ward boyfriend stealer spanked ward well-reared girls spanking ward hat spanking ward fishing rod spanking
Ward Boyfriend Stealing Secretary Spanking #18 Ward's Well-Reared Girls Spanked for Buying Hat Don't Spare the Fishing Rod
wenzel doctor spanks patient wenzel tight dress spanking wenzel miilitary spanking wenzel redskin spanking wenzel sad spanking tale
Dr. Spanks Patient Secretary Spanking #17 Wenzel Military Spanking A True Redskin A Sad Spanking Tale
engleman spanking breeze ficklen nautical spanking gregory secretary spanking joe shuster secretary spanking bill power secretary spanking
A Spanking Breeze Nautical Spanking Secretary Spanking #14 Secretary Spanking #15 Secretary Spanking #16
secretary spanking o'brien jaywalker spanking o'brien o'brien spanking new spanking home remedy
Secretary Spanking #13 Jaywalker Spanked Spanking New Home Remedy
frank beaven spanking cartoon frank beaven birthday spanking cartoon stanley rayon secretary spanking humorama snappy spanking stanley rayon cartoon spanking with psychiatrist
Taking Matters in Hand Tuesday Birthday Girl Secretary Spanking #12 Snappy Spanking Verse Shrink Spank #3
man spanking woman by the artist homer beatnik spanking girl by the artist homer health spa spanking by the artist homer birthday spanking by the artist homer f/f composite spanking by the artist homer
Homer Spanks This Beatnik Spanks Health Spa Spanking Homer Birthday Spanking Homer F/F Maintenance
man paddles woman in boat by homer man spanks woman with ping-pong paddle homer boat spanking composite spanked for missing a loan payment psychiatrist spanks patient
Got a Boat and Paddled Her Homer Ping-Pong Paddle Spanking Homer Composite Boat Spanking Missed Payment Shrink Spank #2
sorority girl getting paddled another bill ward spanking mistress spanks maid bill ward table top spanking college boy spanks girl
Sorority Girl Discipline Good Man Spanks Spanking the Maid Table Top Spanking College Boy Spanks Girl
shirtsleeve spanking bill ward jest cover spanking joker cover spanking bill ward color OTK spanking ward touching toes spanking
Ward Shirtsleeve Spanking Ward Cocktail Party Spanking Ward Dance Contest Spanking Ward Precautionary Trip Spanking Ward Delightful Target
spanking in greeting card office spanking in living room real estate agent spanked morrice discipline spanking cartoon
Greeting Card Spanking Morrice Living Room Morrice Real Estate Morrice Stern Discipline Morrice Wife Caning
spanking soundeffects cartoon bill wenzel rump roast cartoon bill wenzel officer spanks female private cop spanks female traffic offender cop spanks female traffic offender
Wenzel's Signature Wenzel Rump Roast Rank Spank Cop Spank Snack or Smack?
two secretaries, one spanked by boss kirk stiles cartoon secretary spanked secretary spanking cartoon decarlo miss kringle birthday spanking cartoon secretary spanking cartoon
Secretary Spanking #11 Secretary Spanking #3 Secretary Spanking #4 Kringle Birthday Spanking Secretary Spanking #5
homer secretary spanked for using morse code secretary spanking cartoon secretary spanked in the pillory secretary spanked by happy boss secretary spanked by happy boss
Secretary Spanking #6 Secretary Spanking #7 Secretary Spanking #8 Secretary Spanking #9 Secretary Spanking #10
bill ward spanking cartoon doctor spanks nurse smiley boy whacks bending-over woman's bottom one chorus girl whacks another kirk stiles female wrestlers spanking
Bottoms Up Toast Nurse Smiley Spanked Bellos Fence Spanking F/F Spanking in Garters F/F Wrestling Spanking
cartoon spankings by Dan DeCarlo and Al Capp cartoon spanking by Bill Wenzel cartoon spanking by Dan DeCarlo husband spanks wife cartoon by kirk stiles hugh hefner spanks a willing woman in a cartoon by kirk stiles
Hill Spanking #1 Shrink Spank #1 Secretary Spanking #2 Stiles Daddy Spanks Hef Spanks
kirk stiles spanking dan decarlo spanking cartoon man spanking woman in bedroom cartoon of cop spanking pretty speeder cartoon of boss about to swat secretary at filing cabinet
Spanking Counsellor Attracting Attention Spank Her Ash Spanked Speeder Secretary Spanking #1
humorama pastiche #1 spanking humorama pastiche #2 spanking humorama pastiche #3 spanking humorama pastiche #4 spanking humorama pastiche #5 spanking
Humorama Pastiche #1 Humorama Pastiche #2 Humorama Pastiche #3 Humorama Pastiche #4 Humorama Pastiche #5
humorama pastiche #6 spanking humorama pastiche #10 spanking humorama pastiche #11 spanking humorama pastiche #7 spanking humorama pastiche #8 spanking
Humorama Pastiche #6 Humorama Pastiche #10 Humorama Pastiche #11 Humorama Pastiche #7 Humorama Pastiche #8
humorama pastiche #9 spanking
Humorama Pastiche #9

Rivals of Humorama Section

shrink spanks woman patient girl in leap-frog position about to be spanked boris spanks olga bend over purse spanking
Shrink Spanks #7 Leap-Frog Spanking Boris Spanks Olga Bend Over, Get Swat
fresh fish whacks customer's fanny paternal attitude spanking sister spanked for getting pregnant packy phunn whacks his girlfriend's butt
Fresh Fish Spanking #2 Secretary Spanking #A2 Spanked for Foundling Baby Bill Wenzel Butt Slap
extendo hands spank girl man spanks woman with hand turn signal young wife goes back to mother and gets spanked woody kimbrell school spanking
Extendo Hands Spanking Turn Signal Spanking Persuaded by Mother Kimbrell School Spanking
jack flynn man spanking naked woman felix andrews army corporal spanking woman george troop shrink spanks his patient shrink spanks patient by unknown artist
Pleasure/Pain Spanking "Corporal" Punishment Shrink Spank #8 Shrink Spank #9
harry jones spanks secretary miss cooley louis priscilla secretary gets spanked cartoon harley karnes secretary spanking cartoon from good humor
Secretary Spanking #A3 Secretary Spanking #A4 Secretary Spanking #A5

General Humor Section

sick #134 spanking santa spanking fritz bondocley
A Sick Spanking Santa Claus Spanks Bad Girl
swat the fly spanking slipper quality-checked by being used for spanking czech spanking cartoon neprakta czech spanking cartoon neprakta
Swat the Fly Spanking A Quality Spanking Neprakta #7 Neprakta Parody
modern secretary spanking cartoon by rocky fritz giving spanks dan teacher spank trick or treat spank
Secretary Spanking #A1 Spanksgiving #1 Dan via Red Palm Trick or Treat
homer diets so he can turn marge over his knee simpsons spanking dice homer spanks marge simpson reserved
Homer Simpson Diet Spank Simpsons Spanking Dice Simpsons Spanking #3 Reserved
near-sighted dad spanks wrong girl czech spanking cartoon neprakta czech spanking cartoon neprakta czech spanking cartoon neprakta
Spanking Confusion Neprakta #1 Neprakta #2 Neprakta #3
female astronaut spanked for landing spaceship in no parking zone czech spanking cartoon neprakta czech spanking cartoon neprakta czech spanking cartoon neprakta
ALF Spanks Neprakta #4 Neprakta #5 Neprakta #6
tax cheat spanked by IRS agent weird spanking in a trailer one big happy spanking frank and ellen blonde deliberately miscounts spanks from her master
Tax Cheat Spanked Tilted Trailer Frank Spanks Ellen She Knows The Score
sleeper spanking spanking from that which rolls taunting mermaid spanked by sailor carpenter tempted to use board as paddle on bending-over woman
Sleeper Spanking That Which Spanks How To Spank a Mermaid Smacking Good Time
girl over the knee of Homer's statue fry spanks leela from Futurama man giving woman 50's-style spanking rather ineptly girl with paddle that says stop free spanking birthday spanking in bar with huge paddle
Homer Fry Spanks Leela Retro Wrongo Free Spanking Big Paddle 2
vintage photo of 2 ladies spanking National Lampoon spanking cover dan rivera poacher spanked link to bumblefoots initiation paddling
lady holding really huge paddle
Shoe Spanking Back To School Pretty Poacher The Bumblefoots The Second Biggest Paddle
tab hunter spanks natalie wood Ross Perot spanks jester spanking spanking still from french movie rivera shrink spank
Tab and Natalie Ross Perot Spanks Jester Spanking in CA Julie Shrink Spanked
park spank windowboy uncle spanks tahiti spank Fooled you - no thumbnail!
Park Spank Window Boy Uncle Spanks Trouble in Tahiti

F/M Section

strange spanking bill ward no pass f/m spanking kirk stiles f/m spanking kirk stiles f/m spanking bill wenzel f/m spanking
Dr. Padlesen's Cure (F/M) Ward No Pass (F/M) Kirk Stiles' F/M Spanking #1 Kirk Stiles' F/M Spanking #2 Bill Wenzel F/M Spanking #1
bill ward wife/husband spanking bill ward f/m spanking cartoon cover bill ward spoiled boy f/m spanking
Ward Wife/Husband (F/M) Ward Theatre (F/M) Ward Brush-Off (F/M)

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