bumblefoot paddling ceremony

If you're bored along the Iowa-Nebraska border, where the nights get pretty long indeed, why not join this really fun group of ladies, the Bumblefoots?. We're not into ornithology the way we are into spanking, but we think the Bumblefoot is some kind of bird. This may explain the bird-brained hazing shown here, in which one Kate Grace Rohrer gets her tail feathers warmed by what appears to be a wooden 2 x 2 (ouch!) held by head-cuckoo Hazel Bishop. The setting is identified as the basement of a tavern, although it looks more like a police lineup room with the height indicator markings upside down. (Cop, calling out to women: "You, Number 6, swat Number 4 there." To innocent victim: "Does that look like the woman who paddled you last thursday?")

Actually, we can well believe the liquor was flowing freely that night, so this probably is the basement of a tavern. The wonderful hats identify the wearers as Iowans or Nebraskans, who otherwise look much alike. Special thanks to The Spanking News for providing us with this priceless photo.

12/16/2011 Update: Thanks to JS666, who sent us this additional information:

“This is from Life magazine from February 22, 1943, and depicts the initiation of two new members into the Ladybugs, the women’s auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), a major U.S. veterans organization. 'Bumblefoots' was the title of the mistress of ceremonies, Hazel Bishop, who is wielding the paddle. This takes place in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is close to Sioux City, the site of a well-publicized club for spanked wives from a few years earlier.”

It's fascinating that this women's auxiliary paddled their new members, and we have to wonder if this wonderful tradition still takes place in any other women's organizations. If so, we'll be happy to instruct them on proper paddling procedures!

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