[Updated 09/23/2011] The cartoon at below left by Dan Rivera was one of our earliest postings. We'd like to revisit it now along with a colorized version we found on The Artastic Forum.

Since the time it was first posted, we've seen several Humorama cartoons in which a male psychiatrist spanks a female patient - Bill Wenzel and George Morrice have each done at least one, and Kirk Stiles drew two which we've yet to post. The idea is either that it will serve as effective therapy or that the woman has exaggerated her symptoms and really just needs a good spanking. What Dan did was to cleverly stand this idea on its head, and have the psychiatrist be female. The humor then derives from the calm way she takes notes on the patient's spanking compulsion even as he's whaling the tar out of her backside. Very professional of her, but she'll feel it just the same and have a deeper, more profound understanding as a result!

© Dan Rivera.

Colorist unknown.

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