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Fry spanks Leela from Futurama

© Fox Originally posted in 2006; larger version and animation 12/10/2010 (click to increase in size).

From OutlawArt comes this half-parody, half-wishful thinking scene of deep space spanking. Keen-eyed readers will recognize the positioning (and Leela's slacks) from Legends of the Stargrazers #6. Maybe if Fry had actually had the gumption to spank Leela, Futurama would have been a better show. As it was, we found it very hard to be interested in it, partly because of the weakness of its "protagonist", Fry. If we had the space, we'd go on at length about the pernicious effects of political correctness on art. Since we don't, we'll simply point out that the insistence of the show's creators on having a woman be ship's captain tended to make that the lead role, to the detriment of the Fry character, who was pretty much of a nebbish anyway. We'll stick with The Simpsons, thank you very much.
Fry spanks Leela animated

A tip of the cap to the unknown animator who provided this enjoyable scene.

12/03/2010 Update: Some unknown wag came along and animated this drawing, which is interesting because the original, despite its humorous and other qualities, was not exactly well known. We like the pants being taken down and Leela's expression, which seems to be saying, "Am I really getting spanked?"

Yes, you are, Leela, and that is the proper fate of all women who get too big for their britches. We say again, what this show needed was a strong male lead who would not hesitate to take the action Fry is taking here.

Fry spanks Leela from Futurama modified by madmobyman

© MadMovyMan; characters © Fox. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/20/2015 (click to increase in size).

11/20/2015 Update: MadMovyMan (Kenneth Caldwell) posted the version at left just this year. At first we wondered why he chose an excellent but rather obscure poster, but it turns out he was the original artist who drew it back in 2002! The enhancements are mainly of Leela - her expression is more startled and of course her bottom has been bared - and they are definite improvements. Good OTK positioning and the fact that Fry should have taken Leela in hand during the series helps make this a very satisfying spanking.

CSR Resident Artist Phil (Overbarrel) points out that this version strongly resembles the animated one, which we know dates back to at least 2010. This raises the question of which came first. It's possible that MadMovyMan did version #2 before 2010 and just posted it in 2015, although that still leaves us to wonder about how our unknown animator found it. We do see some minor differences in the taken-down slacks between the two versions (#2 and the animated one) as well as the belt being present in #2 but not the animation and a line indicating Leela's waist in the animation not found in #2, so the question must remain a mystery for now.

The Futurama characters are a favorite subject of MadMovyMan, but this is his only spanking scene as far as we know.

Fry spanks Leela from Futurama modified by hugoboom

As modified by Hugoboom. Characters © Fox. (Click to increase in size).

Nice job, B00m!

Hardly had this new version been posted when CSR Resident Artist Hugob00m saw some opportunity for further enhancement:
"I thought Leela's clothed butt had a nicer shape than her bare butt. I decided to do my own revision of the Spanked in Space poster. I made her butt rounder and very red. Also... one small detail: I think that the gold-colored sash may have been the waistband of her pants, and not part of her tank top, so I changed that too... and fixed some awkward-looking shading on the tank top."

One of the the things we should have done when posting this in 2006 was provide a link back to the Legends of the Stargrazers cover that the poster was based on (finally added just now) because it's obvious everyone's forgotten about it after all these years (and we should re-scan it, too). Leela's clothed bottom took its shape from Julie Green's (seen below in much-reduced size). We'd have to check the comic, but we think the sash is an independent fashion accessory and not, as B00m realized, part of the tank top since Julie's top is completely different from Leela's.

spanking on cover of stargrazers #6

The comic cover that inspired it all.

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