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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#110 - Suspenseful Spanking

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hy del humorama cartoon of woman over man's knee asking him to spank it

From the collection of Dan Rivera (click to double-size).

When Dan Rivera first posted this cartoon on the CSR Forum last year, we weren't even sure it was from a Humorama digest because we couldn't remember seeing cartoonist Hy Del's work there. So we held back on including it in the Humorama Series until we had more information. Recently, we found it in the December 1966 issue of Laugh Digest (probably its second printing), confirming its status as an actual Humorama "spanker".

Much as did Dan DeCarlo in his spanking work, Del here shows us a spanker who takes an obvious delight in his work. But unlike DeCarlo, he has the spankee basically acknowledging that she's going to get spanked, in this case requesting him to get on with it: "Come on, spank it - the suspense is killing me!" Making the spankee wait a while is indeed a very effective technique to increase the amound of fretting she'll do - in extreme cases, you can make her wait several days for her punishment, but we don't like to be too cruel. Certainly those moments just after turning over the spanker's knee or bending over in front of him and just before receiving the first swat must hang long for the spankee (heh-heh!), a fact which the skilled spanker can exploit to make the session more effective, but it's unusual to see this fact highlighted as the subject of a humor cartoon.

Below is the cartoon as it appeared in Laugh Digest (Dec. 1966) as well as the issue's cover.

hy del humorama cartoon of woman over man's knee asking him to spank it

From Laugh Digest (December 1966). Scanned from the collection of and posted by the Web-Ed on 10/19/2012 (click to double-size).

cover of december 1966 laugh digest

Cover of the December 1966 issue of Laugh Digest (click to double-size).

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