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To search for the cartoons of a particular artist, enter the Cartoonist Last Name (e.g. "ward", or use a "?" for all unknown artists), otherwise leave this blank to get all M/F Humorama spanking cartoons without restriction. Then click on the "Submit" button. Using a partial name is o.k., and this search is not case sensitive. Last Name is the only search field provided since we couldn't imagine anyone would be interested in searching by year or digest name, and unlike comics, we don't know (or care) about the names of the spanker and spankee.

This data base was built in April 2012 and will be updated if and when when we discover new Humorama spanking cartoons. Date of last addition: 01/19/2014

This Data Base is the most complete reference available of the M/F spanking cartoons that were printed in the old Humorama Digests. Our hope is to eventually document every Humorama "spanker" - there are probably only a few we haven't found yet, although in many cases we do not have any publication data. Complete publication data, including all reprint data, will probably never be available, but we may hope to find at least one publication date for each cartoon.

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