french movie spanking

Ah, the French - what can we say about them that hasn't been said already? Thirteen years after the example of the American Revolution they had learned nothing from it, and when they had their own they screwed it up so badly that Europe was plagued with years of war until the final defeat of Napoleon. Then they failed to stop the Germans in World War I, or in World War II, or to hold the fort at Dien Bien Phu...o.k., so they're no good at fighting for freedom. What else? Well, there's the hatred of their intellectuals for America (a hatred based on their well-deserved inferiority complex for the country that has saved their collective French derriere more times than anyone can count). And let's not forget about their noxious ideas, like the auteur theory, which holds that the director is the primary creative force in the production of a movie (try not to laugh out loud as you wonder where le directeur would be without a writer to come up with the plot, characters, dialogue, setting, and theme). Do they really think that the actors just make up the script as they go along?

Luckily for them, there's one thing the French are good at - spanking! Our friend Helena sent along this movie poster for un film called Julie not-de-colle, which we think (without consulting our French-English dictionary) translates as "Spank Julie, not deGaulle", or perhaps "Julie Gets Spanked in Front of Her Collie". Whatever the title means, it's a cinch this flick is better than those French "art" films that are aimed at %!$#@ elitist urban liberals who wouldn't know a good movie if it came out....

Web Host Provider's Note: Apparently the CSR Web-Ed became a little, er, upset at this point, for we found him in his office mumbling incoherently and throwing french fries at a picture on the wall of French president Jacques Chirac. After sending him to a sanitarium in the country for a quiet little rest, we posted this page for him.

french movie spanking

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10/14/2011 Update: This appears to be a page from a French magazine discussing spanking in cinema. In addition to a slightly different version of the spanking above, there is another spanking in the upper left-hand corner from The Iron Maiden (1964) and a non-spanking still from Justine (1971), which we may assume did have some spanking in it. This article names the movies as Julie Pot deColle, so perhaps that's the correct name.

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