Another one from Kirk Stiles (taken from Popular Jokes, February 1977, but was first published much earlier). Featuring a feeble pun ("Be careful with that ash!") and a beautiful girl, this was a fine addition to whatever magazine it first appeared in.

08/24/2012 Update: Here is the cartoon as it first appeared in the June 1960 issue of Eye, with an alternate and somewhat inferior caption: "Hey - you've graduated! You never smoked before when you spanked me!"

We doubt we'll ever get a chance to see the original art and find out for sure, but we'd guess that Stiles' original caption was closer to 1977's "Be careful with that ash!" Goodman often rewrote the cartoonists' captions, of course, and being rather old-fashioned may have thought "ash" too suggestive. In the 1950's, the use of the word "ass" to denote the female derriere would have been considered more than a little crude. (In fact, we still tend to shy away from it in our editorial commentary here at CSR even to this day - like Goodman, we're hopelessly old-fashioned).
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