The unmistakable style of Stiles (Kirk Stiles, that is) on display in this fine example of the Humorama spanking cartoon. Only a few Humorama cartoons featured spanking, but they are treasures from another era. Here, a wise counsellor demonstrates a novel approach to improving this couple's marriage, which meets with the husband's full approval. We don't know the exact date this was first published, but judging from the implied attitude towards relations between the sexes, we'd say it was certainly a better time than now. This conclusion is further strengthened by two significant facts: (1) The husband is wearing a jacket and tie, instead of shorts and a baseball cap; (2) The wife is getting spanked. The single best feature of this cartoon is the expression of joyous contentment on the young wife's lovely face. At last she's going to receive what she's needed for so long!

Click above image to double-size. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/15/2011.

07/15/2011 Update: Here is a much better scan which we made from Mike's collection. Taken from an unknown Humorama digest in the 1960's, it may well have been the source for the version produced above which we posted years ago. More details are immediately visible, such as the cross-hatching on the cami-knickers. Stiles was inconsistent in his anatomy, but a well-defined and well-proportioned behind is suggested here, and overall this is one of Stiles' finest spanking cartoons.

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/15/2011.

As was usually the case, this cartoon was reprinted at least once. The reprinted version (we're assuming this is the reprint and not the original) has a slightly-rewritten caption, complete with typo: "Now, this approach never flails!" [sic].

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