Have you heard? The "retro" style is in! The look of yesterday is back - and one thing that never goes out of style (at least here at Chicago Spanking Review) is spanking!

There were spanking pictures and even a few, rare magazines back in the 1950's, but most of them were, shall we say, a little inept. They were generally put out by people who were neither into spanking nor very skilled in photography, writing, drawing, or editing. Irving Klaw (his real name, believe it or not), who started out dealing in pictures of movie stars and branched out into bondage and some spanking due to popular demand, comes to mind (although his sister Paula was pretty good at tying knots). These pictures featured Bettie Page and other models of the period. Come to think about it, people like this are still around, but nowadays you'll find them running most of the spanking pay websites.

man giving extremely awkward hairbrush spanking

Retro Wrongo!

Anyway, a photo like this reminds us of those "see how many things you can find wrong with this picture" contests. Hmm, let's see...

1. The man is spanking with the wrong hand (you spank with the hand closest to the feet of the spankee, not the head, dummy!)

2. This guy's waistband is above his navel! Was that really the style back then? And where's his belt buckle?

3. There are a number of ways to use an armchair as a spanking aid, but this isn't one of them. She's unbalanced and bound to tip forward or back, and she isn't really bending over far enough. And can she even breathe with her head buried in the cushion that way? Next time bend her over the arm, or from the front or back with her hands on the seat.

4. In any spanking picture, there are two body parts of special interest, the face and the fanny, and we need to be able to see at least one of them - so why are they the only two parts we can't see here!?

03/23/2012 Update: Rob wrote in with some information on this one. He says

"The pic ... is from a set of photos from a P.O. box in New Haven, CT. They advertised in the back of such 1950s girlie mags as Gala and Frolic. The ad had no pic -- just the word "spanking" in large caps followed by 'how each man gets the upper hand'. The people look ethnic - probably Italian as there is a large Italian community in New Haven. These pics often show up on internet collections, so people must have saved them for over 50 yrs."

Thanks, Rob! It's always interesting to find out a little more about the early days of spanking material from the 40's and 50's. And even though I was somewhat critical of this particular photo, it pushed the envelope about as far as you could at the time since it actually showed a woman getting spanked on her bare bottom!

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