Homer Simpson's head in a jar

Spanked by Homer.

No, not that one - d'oh! We put up the wrong picture!

Girl positioned over the knee of a statue of Homer

Added 03/09/2008. Homer Simpson is © 20th Century Fox

This one! (We think the inscription on the statue's base, "Omeros", if we've transcribed the Greek correctly, should be rendered as "Homer" in English). Now, there is no more important figure in Western literature than Homer - he was universally lauded as the greatest poet of antiquity, although absolutely nothing is known about him personally. This does not seem to have dissuaded this girl from acting out her unusual fantasy of being spanked by him - evidently she has a great appreciation for the classics. Personally, we'd be very happy to place her over our knee, reciting from the Iliad in our left hand while spanking her with the right:

Now Zeus, when he had brought the Trojans and Hector to the ships, (Smack! "Ouch!")

Left the combatants there to have toil and woe unceasingly, (Smack! "Ouch!")

But himself turned away his bright eyes, and looked afar, (Smack! "Ouch!")

Upon the land of the Thracian horsemen, and of the Mysians that fight in close combat (Smack! "Ouch!")

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