If you're under the age of - well, if you're younger than we are - you probably don't recognize Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood. Even people who do recognize them probably shouldn't remember the entirely forgettable movie The Girl He Left Behind (1956) from which this Hollywood publicity still was taken. We used to think it was taken from The Burning Hills(!), which was indeed another Natalie Wood film and which would have been suitably ironic, but Richard Windsor , that indefatigable source of rare spanking pictures, recently posted another copy of this photo with the correct attribution. Refer to his site for a much fuller discussion of these films and related spanking questions.

Actually, when we stop to think about it, this photo isn't all that humorous, but Tab and Natalie seem to be having such a good time we thought we'd toss it in here anyway. Besides, Wood herself seems to have had a sense of humor, once referring to The Girl He Left Behind as "The Girl With The Left Behind"! There have been some rumors that Wood was into the spanking scene, and Richard has some further thoughts and information on this topic. In the beginning we suspected this was wishful thinking, but Richard makes an intesting case for Wood the spanko. The one man still living who would know for sure, Robert Wagner, isn't talking.

The problem with these spanking publicity stills is that there almost never was any actual spanking in the movies they came from. In this case, however, Tab Hunter has stated the spanking was real (note that it was apparently a birthday spanking and does not depict any content of the movie itself). There is also a picture floating around of Tab and Natalie with the roles reversed, where Natalie is spanking Tab! We haven't bothered posting it because it's not really to our taste (M/F).

If you're interested in actual movie spanking scenes, the best compilations we know of are on CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera's Cinema Swats videos. Shadow Lane once featured a catalog of movie/tv spankings in their Stand Corrected magazine, in the days when it was still in print as hard copy. [Note: we neglected to record the date we posted this but belive it was in 2008. The preceding description was updated in Nov. 2015]

11/06/2015 Update: With Hollywood publicity stills, you usually never know exactly where they appeared (movie magazines, etc.). We always wondered where the Hollywood spanking stills had appeared and what the reaction was to them, if any. Since so many have survived to the present day, one supposes that the publicity men were at least somewhat successful in getting newpapers and magazines to run them. Then recently we found a copy of the October, 1957 Tip-Off magazine which was obviously one of the contemporary places movie fans could enjoy seeing Tab spank Natalie (there must have been more than one, for reasons that will become obvious in a moment)

Tab/Natalie spanking pose #2, from Tip-Off (October 1957, Web-Ed's collection).

The article seems perfectly silly, but more importantly at some point we realized that the photograph wasn't the same as the one we'd already posted! Checking back, we see that Richard already had both photos and we'd simply forgotten that little detail. Now we can be sure that all CSR readers have seen Tab/Natalie photo #2. The two different photos are a further indication that Hunter wasn't exaggerating when he claimed the spanking was real!

Below is what appears to be a copy of the photo as it appeared in some newspaper, original source unknown. We probably found it at Richard's web site.

Tab Spanks Natalie, pose #2. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/06/2015

Photo #2, original source unknown, this copy probably from Richard Windsor.

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