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stan spanks francine on american dad

We've never much cared for American Dad - as part of Fox's Animation Domination lineup, like Family Guy and The Cleveland Show it owed too much to The Simpsons (though it wasn't quite a knock-off as Family Guy was) without having any of that show's sheer comedy or creativity. It also strikes us as rather anti-American: we don't mind social criticism, and much of American life deserves a hard look (particularly that part of it that has sprung from the chamber of horrors known as the 1960's), but American Dad tends to reserve its fire for traditional American values and a justifiable patriotism, particularly in the character of Stan Smith (the "Dad"). In consequence, we never followed it too closely. However, when the subject of spanking came up prominently in last year's episode The Missing Kink we were bound to take notice.

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In this episode, Stan's wife Francine discovers she likes being spanked and contrives various ways of goading Stan (who sees spanking as pure punishment to be administered to the children) into taking her OTK. Once he discovers what she's up to, he recoils from the idea of erotic spanking, but quickly discovers his own inner kink as the plot descends rapidly downhill.

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