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Almost against our better judgment, we have decided to add a Video and Game page. In the past we've made negative comments about video players causing web pages to hang, and we haven't changed our mind about that. We also consider movies and television manifestly inferior to books. But spanking videos are o.k., and can have great erotic appeal if done well (a big "if"). In fact we prefer modern spanking videos to most of the old movie and TV spankings we saw growing up, which to us are now more interesting as historical curiosities than anything else. There were a few that were highly charged, like the famous Wagon Train episode with Robert Horton and Susan Oliver, but most were sorely lacking in (spanking) technical proficiency and erotic appeal.

The subject of spanking video games came up in one of the forums. The consensus was that it should be possible to create one, although we weren't really sure how. At this time (March 2010), we're still working on the technical questions, but we hope to create one or more games this year. [Note: we weren't able to finish our first spanking game until 2013 - see the Batgirl and Wonder Woman games below.] Having grown up in the pre-video game era, we've never done any PC gaming, and honestly it seems fairly pointless to us. Shoot up the alien invaders, or engage in mindless acts of mayhem, until your surrogate is dead and the game is over. "You play until you lose," as Harlan Ellison summarized it in an essay he wrote when video games were just beginning to take off. Maybe it's not as bad as that, but that's our impression.

tv rots the mind

We like spanking videos, but as far as TV goes, our view is that books are better. Art by Sam Bowman

But a spanking game - now that could be something different! Pick your implement, spank that bottom, see the effects, and after enough strokes are applied, the game comes to a happy conclusion with the spankee's complete surrender. That's our vision, anyway - we'll have to see if we can pull it off.

We started with a very small amount of material back in March 2010 and have slowly accumulated more. Some of the videos are available elsewhere, but we have also tried to produce some novel items you wouldn't likely see anywhere else. Robin has helpfully pointed us toward some good stuff on YouTube, while we have also drawn upon our own video resources for such items as I Spy, Bat Masterson, Gypsy, and Rawhide. --Web-Ed, 03/19/2010

pledges get paddled in coed fever (F/F) Pledges get paddled in the old porno classic Coed Fever. Posted 12/28/2018
kathy griffin bends over for craig ferguson (M/F) Kathy Griffin gets a very light spanking from Craig Ferguson. It should have been a lot harder. Posted 06/09/2017
tony spanks marla on dancing with the stars (M/F) From Dancing with the Stars: Tony spanks Marla. Posted 04/29/2016
dick van dyke swats mary tyler moore (M/F) The only spanking from The Dick Van Dyke Show, as Dick Van Dyke gives Mary Tyler Moore three whacks with a rolled-up magazine! Posted 12/12/2014
roger moore spanks erica rogers in the saint (M/F) Two spankings from TV's The Saint in which Roger Moore first takes Erica Rogers over his knee and then gives Justine Lord a nice swat on the the butt for good measure! Posted 11/07/2014
martin milner spanks diane baker in route66 (M/F) A little-known scene from TV's Route 66 in which Martin Milner bends Diane Baker over a table and gives her three very solid smacks! Posted 04/25/2014
robert horton spanks susan oliver (M/F) The famous spanking scene from TV's Wagon Train with Robert Horton and Susan Oliver!   This is a new, better-quality version that we captured manually from Chicago television. Posted 02/28/2014
three women rub their stinging rear ends A triple-paddling (M/F) with plenty of rubbing is a great way to celebrate someone's birthday.   Posted 01/10/2014
stan spanks francine on american dad Francine discovers she likes being spanked by Stan on the TV series American Dad.   Posted 11/22/2013
crane operator whacks college student The Banacek Butt-Slap: a crane operator gives one well-placed whack to a female college student for getting in his way on the TV series Banacek.   Posted 10/25/2013
muujo punished with spanking Zenderman Spanking, Paddling, Caning, and Other Forms of Humiliation.   Posted 10/04/2013
catra threatened with spanking She-Ra Spanking Threat.   Posted 09/13/2013
robin spanking batgirl Interactive Game - spank Batgirl!   Posted 02/01/2013
ww paddled Interactive Game - spank Wonder Woman!   Posted 01/25/2013
secretary swatter The Secretary Swatter - Astrid discusses this "sexist" spanking device.   Posted 12/21/2012
melissa gets a swat Melissa Gets a Swat - a M/F bar paddling.   Posted 06/08/2012
maybelle bad attitude The Big Valley - Jarrod threatens Maybelle with a spanking, but then wimps out.   Posted 06/08/2012
Joker Spanks Harley Quinn - taken from an independent short called "Joker's Christmas Spectacular".   Posted 03/30/2012
One Swat from Gypsy - a stripper in a Burlesque house bends over for a good swat with a paddle!   Posted 03/23/2012
tv screen static The Pizza-Money Paddling - a real-life M/F disciplinary scene in the workplace!   Posted 03/09/2012
bonanza spankings Two M/F spankings from Bonanza.   Posted 02/24/2012
barbara eden gets spanked on i dream of jeannie Barbara Eden returns to receive one swat from a clipboard on I Dream Of Jeannie.   Posted 02/03/2012
pretty girl paddled on hee-haw Pretty girls who tell corny jokes get the board on Hee Haw.   Posted 11/25/2011
alexandra bends over From Josie and the Pussycats, Alexandra gets her fanny whacked and poked a number of times.   Posted 11/11/2011
bad girl spanked by three stooges A bad girl tries to take advantage of The Three Stooges, but the Rusty Romeos win out in the end - M/F.   Posted 09/25/2011
roxanne berard spanked on rawhide Three spankings from the television series Rawhide - M/F.   Posted 08/12/2011
return of the joker caning dee-dee twins spanked The Dee Dee twins receive a stroke of the cane in Return of the Joker - F/F.   Posted 07/22/2011
flintstones paddling scene Wilma and Betty get paddled in the best-ever episode of The Flintstones - M/F paddling.   Posted 07/15/2011
in the navy movie spanking scene Spanking In The Navy with Abbott & Costello - Dick Powell spanks Claire Dodd, but only for a brief moment.   Posted 05/20/2011
link to bat masterson tv show spanking Pure punishment spanking in the old west on the Bat Masterson TV series - M/F OTK action. Posted 05/13/2011
candace getting paddled at hofbrauhaus las vegas Candace wants to know if they really spank you at the Hofbrauhaus - and boy, does she find out! - F/F paddling Posted 02/25/2011
david mccallum about to spank girl on man from uncle I Spy and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Two fondly-remembered scenes from 1966 television.   Posted 02/18/2011
link to three girls getting paddled Three Girls, Three Swats - A fine public paddling of three pretty girls!   Posted 11/19/2010
progressive insurance commercial with paddle Progressive Paddling - A commercial that fails to deliver a swat (or anything else). Warning: implied F/M paddling. Posted 08/27/2010
link to video of the avengers The Avengers - Steed gives Emma a stroke with a fencing foil (posted 07/30/2010)
link to video the line of dc super-spankings The Line of DC Super-Spankings - A CSR original video featuring all the spankings of adult women in the pages of DC Comics (revised 05/17/2013).
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