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bat rolls up his sleeves

Bat (Gene Barry) rolls up his sleeves as he prepares to go to work!

We first encountered this scene from the Bat Masterson TV show a few months ago on Chross's Blog, and were so impressed with it we decided to edit our own version once the series started being rerun in Chicago. This is from the episode "Brunette Bombshell" which aired originally on April 1, 1959 and features Rebecca Welles getting spanked by the late Gene Barry.

Miss Welles has apparently been a very bad girl, and while she has been caught, Bat and the Mayor are worried that she may be able to twist the authorities around her little finger, which simply won't do. "She should be punished" is the Mayor's view, with which Bat (Gene Barry) is in full agreement. Bat has the Mayor appoint him Education Commissioner long enough for him to mete out the punishment she so richly deserves!

do I really have to go over your knee?

The "brunette bombshell's" expression seems to be asking, "Do I really have to go over your knee?"

yes, over my knee you go!

Bat's expression in reply says, "Yes, you do - get over my knee right now, young lady!"

I'm going to enjoy spanking you!

With the miscreant properly positioned, Bat's face now says "Oh boy, am I going to enjoy this!" And so are we!

This is a very well-acted scene, with Miss Welles conveying her character's growing anxiety as she first wonders what they're going to do to her, and then realizes there will be no escape - she's really going to be spanked! Gene Barry plays a masterful Masterson, with his expression conveying his determination to administer the much-needed punishment, and laying on the spanks with gusto. Certainly this is one of the better "Let Justice Be Done" spankings in television history, although we wish more than four spanks were shown and also that we got one last reaction shot of Miss Welles' face as the sting settled in. The dissolve to the closing credits comes about 15 seconds sooner than it should have (i.e., we needed about 15 seconds more of pure spanking). Still, it certainly looked like Gene laid the spanks on (Welles) well!

[If you can see this text, ActiveX controls are not enabled or you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. Click here to download the Windows Media Player version of the video.]

Here is the Windows Media version. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

Here is a short version with just the spanking itself. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

Here is a version with the 4 spanks repeated 5 times. This was a little silly of us, but what the heck - it helps us make believe the spanking went on longer, and it wasn't too much extra work. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

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