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Jarrod Barkley (Richard Long).

One of the many, many westerns on television during the 1960's was The Big Valley. We always thought it was pretty boring and generally avoided watching it, but turns out that it did have at least one interesting moment which Robin recently brought to our attention: a scene in which Jarrod (Richard Long) has to deal with Maybelle, a stubborn client he's trying to defend. Exasperated, he threatens to spank her!

Maybelle (Lynn Loring). "What you really need is to be turned over my knee and your backside tanned!"

Although she richly deserves the OTK treatment, Jarrod wimps out and dumps her in a horse watering trough instead. Not only is this far less satisfying (and less effective), it looks incredibly dangerous! Loring could have struck her head on the edge of the trough, and since it isn't very deep, it might not have broken her fall. Because there is no actual spanking, we almost didn't present this one, but thought it might hold some interest for CSR readers even though we consider it a big disappointment oursevles.

There actually was a spanking on The Big Valley, and it had a lovely spankee (regular Linda Evans, playing Audra). But we never cared for the scene that much and it's probably available somewhere else, so we've never bothered trying to corral it.

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