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Tony/Marla Spanking on Dancing With The Stars

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tony and marla on dancing with the stars

Marla and Tony on Dancing withe the Stars.

The appeal of Dancing with the Stars has always escaped us, but the show is apparently very popular and has been around for awhile as of this writing (2016). Recently, CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera discovered that there had been a couple of spanking scenes in the dances, and he dutifully reported this fact on the CSR Forum.

Just as dutifully, we tracked them down, determined to present them here on the main site, despite the increasing difficulties we've had with encoding video players in our pages (detailed elsewhere), which is why it's been almost a year and a half since our last video page. We've completely recoded the Windows Media Player here, and we fortunately don't need YouTube's player this time. Not much needs to be said about the dance - we're only showing the brief little spanking and a few seconds of video around it.

You can use the player at left if you have Internet Explorer with ActiveX Controls enabled, or download the Windows Media (WMV) version here. It's such a short clip we didn't bother to upload it to YouTube since the full dance is already available there.

If the player does not appear, then most likely you are not using the Internet Explorer browser. You can either download the WMV version above or the MPEG-2 version here. It should work with most of the players on your computer, including any DVD player. You can also burn this version to DVD, although it's not worth it unless you're using software that allows you to burn lots of other spanking videos to the disk at the same time.

tony spanks marla on dancing with the stars

Tony gives Marla one whack in a modified OTK position. It was nice, but should have been repeated.

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