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Spanked for Telling Bad Jokes on Hee Haw

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girl whacked with board on hee haw

We'd love to have been the stage hand who worked this board every week!

Back in the late 60's we remember seeing Hee Haw on network television. A mixture of corny jokes, simple skits, and country music, Hee Haw didn't last long on the network, but it found new life in syndication where it endured for many years although we didn't watch it any more. Not being fans of country music, the part of the show we remember best were these 15-second spots in which a pretty girl would stand up in front of a fence and tell a bad joke, whereupon a board would fly up and whack her right in the fanny. Now that's our kind of sophisticated good humor!

In a way, this is the kind of thing you would have expected to see in Vaudeville, and it is interesting how spankings of this kind appeal to the non-spanko. As we remember it, there were one or two of these board-whackings per show, so all together over a period of perhaps 20 years the accumulated total must be staggering. We're not about to try to hunt them all down, but fortunately Robin, who was responsible for finding the "Alexandra's Caboose" video on YouTube that we saw last time, also spotted a Hee Haw short there (out of many) which featured two of these high-comedy moments. We edited them to remove all the extraneous (i.e. non-spanking) material. It's possible we might do another of these some day.

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