Paddlings at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

If you've always wanted to find lots of good real-life paddling videos but were too smart to waste all that time searching high and low on YouTube for them, then take heart: we've already done it for you! Yes, we sat through many hours of ridiculously stupid paddling attempts with the participants in various states of inebriation, most of which were M/M anyway and therefore of no interest, just to come up with this playlist of 46 paddlings (may be more in future) that took place in the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. In the time it took us to sort through God-knows-how-many videos featuring bad paddling technique, poor lighting, ill-chosen implements, chaotic camera work, and non-existent editing skills, we could probably have fixed the ailing U.S. economy or solved the latest crisis in the Middle East - but, uh, we didn't. So let's make the best of a wasted opportunity to contribute something positive to humanity, and instead take a look at some butts getting swatted in Vegas!

While we have uncovered evidence of paddles being used in the Old Country, how much paddling actually took place in Bavaria is unknown. As far as we can tell, the paddles used in these videos were developed to help the waitresses serve drinks. According to this copy we lifted from the Hofbrauhaus gift shop, "The paddles were originally made to help the servers delivery [sic] multiple shots simultaneously across the traditional long wooded [sic] tables in many drinking establishments. Today, these simple devices are used in many 'creative' situations." This last sentence alludes to the paddlings that take place in the beer hall, which we mentioned briefly in our article on paddles.

hofbrauhaus paddle, for drinks and swats

The paddling videos in this playlist vary greatly in quality. Probably the worst thing from our point of view is that most of them are F/M, but there are a few F/F and even one or two good M/F ones as well. These are generally very hard swats since only one or two are given, which while not as good for spanking purposes as long slow paddlings do make for a great sense of anticipation. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the varying reactions of the participants. Frankly, most of the spankees are drunk, but the gusto with which the waitresses deliver their swats testifies to the universal human appeal of this activity - something we'll say more about when we finally complete our "Whys of Spanking" articles. One waitress who appears in several videos seems to us to be a closet spanko - see if you can pick her out. A hint: it's not the one most people would guess.

If you have problems with the embedded player or just don't want to use it, here is the Paddling Playlist.

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