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Dick Powell and Claire Dodd

Dick Powell and Claire Dodd.

In The Navy (1941) with Bud Abbott & Lou Costello is a fairly well-known example of a mainstream film with a spanking in it. We're sure that Dan Rivera had something to say about it in Shadow Lane's Stand Corrected #12, but we don't have that issue so we'll just have to muddle through on our own.

It's pretty much a standard service comedy as we remember it: Dick Powell plays a famous singer who enlists in the Navy under his non-stage name as an ordinary seaman; Claire Dodd is the nosy reporter who wants a story even if it makes Dick's life miserable. Disguising herself as a maid, she enters his hotel room and snaps a picture of him.

dick turns claire over his knee

But he quickly takes control of the situation and turns her OTK, using a string to operate the camera's shutter thus recording her posterior for posterity.

photo of dick spanking claire in her maid's uniform

The result: a lovely 5 X 8 glossy photo of Miss Dodd looking none-too-happy at getting the spanking she deserves!

The only problem is that the director really shortchanged the scene, spending a lot of time on Bud and Lou's tomfoolery in the hallway outside the door instead of dwelling on the spanking itself. Thus we hear quite a few rapid spanks, but we don't get to see much, and with spanking, seeing is everything. But we do at least get to see Miss Dodd's expression, even if only in the photograph, and the OTK positioning isn't bad for that fraction of a second we can actually focus on it.

Not one of the great movie spankings in history, and we probably wouldn't have bothered editing our own version of it except that the film recently aired here in Chicago, giving us an easy opportunity to do so.

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