The Line of DC Super-Spankings

collage of dc insignia and wonder woman with bare bottom

For a long time, we had felt that a compilation of DC's spankings in video form would be a good idea - if nothing else, we expected it would get a few laughs. Then we realized someone named eheino99 had beaten us to the punch (see his video "DC Comics Spanking Video #3" on YouTube here), but we were undeterred since we had some DC spankings in our collection that he didn't. In fact, he borrowed the Supergirl spanks super-brats panels from us, which is fine.

Anyway, we got our video edited together and posted it on this page in 2010, but from the beginning we were dissatisfied with it. In our zeal to make DC look ridiculous, we departed from our usual standards and included some weird M/M stuff (which DC has done a lot of). The video wasn't as clear as it should have been, and Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik wasn't really the best choice of musical accompaniment. Therefore we have now (May 2013) produced a completely new version, with only adult female spankees.

Lamentably, one thing that hasn't changed during the past three years is the lack of documentation on how to embed what will probably be the two dominant players in the next decade, Flash and Kaltura, into one's web page. Very well - if Microsoft is better about this than they are, we'll continue to embed only a Windows Media Player here, even though it will only work with Internet Explorer. But since we've uploaded the new version to YouTube as well, we'll embed that player since YouTube provides the code. No one uses Real Player any more, so it will be retired from this page. Anyone who is having trouble getting at least one of these options to work should contact us - perhaps we could create an MPEG-2 version that could be played on a computer's DVD player.

[If you can see this text, ActiveX controls are not enabled or you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. Click here to download the Windows Media Player version of the video.] If you are using Internet Explorer with ActiveX controls, the Windows Media Player screen and console should appear to the left, and you can play the clip or download it using the console controls. If the screen and console are not displayed, you should see text with instructions on how to download the clip. Alternatively, here again is the link to the Windows Media version.

Here is the YouTube version. You can of course download it from there, although the downloading the WMV version from the link above should result in superior quality.

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